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34 years-old Isabella, 35 years-old Paolo. They are a couple in life for 10 years and from a few months, they have also joined in Business. Isabella Vigna, expert in culinary art with a passion for pastry, has worked for many years in the food industry. Employed as a chef in a French chain, she found some time, thanks to the forced break caused by Covid 19 to gather her ideas. “I was tired of always eating elaborate dishes. Over the years we have lost the sense of taste, we have started to enrich the dishes more and more with animal fats, salt and industrial sauces”. These are the reasons that prompted the young chef to seek natural recipes that can restore the taste and pleasure of food, not forgetting our physical well-being. “The choice to respect the environment and our organism is for me a return to the past, to the passion handed down by my grandmother who worked the wheat harvested by my grandfather preparing healthy meals”.

A decision also made on the need for a busy world that consumes many resources. “The slow processing of the product must correspond to a more responsible consumption of resources, but it must be food delivered to consumers, easy to cook”. The goal that Isabella has set herself is to seek healthy and quick meals to cook. Objective to which she approached very quickly by offering on the market a product that recalls primitive nutrition, selling the products on her website my5minutes.co.uk

The first product stock was immediately sold out. “I didn’t expect so much success in the immediate term.” The choice of the product was fundamental. The operational management and implementation of the website, Isabella has delegated them to her husband Paolo Parisella, already an expert in automation and online sales.

The couple, originally from Italy, had migrated to the United Kingdom 5 years ago to expand the network of remotely managed hotels owned by Isabella’s husband.

The harmony of the couple in private life, is also bearing great fruit in working life. As I conclude the interview, Isabella is organizing the trip that will take her to Germany and Italy shortly, to visit the drink and food companies in order to perform the final analyzes on the new products that will soon enter the catalog, if they will convince the chef. Paolo is committed to managing all orders trying to consolidate the European market, while not hiding the enthusiasm of the interest of this project also from American consumers.

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