How to increase your followers on Instagram?


Instagram is emerging as the favourite social media platform not only amongst the youth but also amongst small scale businesses. The audience has shifted their preference from facebook to instagram very swiftly. With instagram introducing new features such as stories, IGTV, preferences, highlights, it is winning hearts all over. Apart from being just a photo and video sharing app, Instagram is also emerging as a platform mostly for small scale businesses, graphic designers and influencers.

Individuals or firms can use Instagram as a platform to sell their products or even showcase their talents and transform themselves into a well established brand. While on your path of establishing yourself as a brand there can be multiple barriers causing delays on your success stories. One of the most frustrating challenges people come across on Instagram is gaining a huge number of followers. You can’t just gain a few million followers overnight unless you are Cristiano Ronaldo or Kim Kardashian.  A normal person will obviously struggle to gain more followers as compared to the celebrities out there.

Gaining followers is directly proportional not only to your popularity but also to the quality of the content you upload. People out there are still following the “Go with the trend” policy to keep up with the current market standards. Imagine the same meme appearing on your feed several times. After a point you are going to get irritated and you won’t even be interested in knowing which are the pages that have posted the meme or who is the artist designing the meme. But at the same time if you come across a really unique content that just stands out from the crowd, it has a better chance of being noticed, being appreciated, being shared and ultimately getting a like and a follow back. This is where your creativity and uniqueness plays an important role in gaining likes and followers.

Another mistake Instagrammers commit is random posting of photos or videos which has no correlation to the post preceding it or succeeding it. It becomes very important to carefully plan the next set of posts. Planning the upcoming set of posts and uploading them accordingly will make your profile look neat, clean and organised. Since Instagram works on the “rule of 3” you can play around the instagram aesthetics and design your profile in a more effective way. Check out these instagram profiles to understand how you can play with the Instagram aesthetics.

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Apart from working hard on the quality of content and designing your profile, there is another practice that will help you gain real and genuine followers. The explore tab on instagram does more than showing photos and videos based on the accounts or content you like and follow. Now this practice requires a lot of patience and hard work but again you won’t gain a few million followers overnight. This method is similar to the one you use for making friends in real life. You go to a place you like, see a few people there. The next thing you do is walk up to them and start a conversation. This is how you make friends. You have to follow exactly the same process but this time on Instagram. Click on the explore tab on Instagram and type the name of the place for example ‘Pune’ then click on places. It will show you all the pictures taken at the venue. Simply like the images and drop a relevant comment on the pictures. Make sure that the comments you drop on these pictures are relevant to what the person actually wants to tell through this picture. For example if you see someone having a meal at a restaurant which you know, you can drop a comment saying “The food is nice here” or “Nice place to hangout”

By performing this practice, the chances of that person reverting and coming on to your profile really goes up . You can start with liking and commenting on 10 pictures a day in your free time and gradually increase the number of photos you like and comment on. This process will surely take a lot of time for you to gain enough followers but again nothing comes easy. Apart from this, you can obviously use relevant and lots of hashtags and by lots we mean not more than 30 hashtags on your photos, tag relevant accounts with superior following and this will bring back likes and followers to your account.

A platform like Instagram can work wonders for small scale businesses, graphic designers or influencers only if one makes the optimum use of this great free to access social media platform. Remember, good things take time to occur. Sometimes a few hours, a few days, a few months or maybe even a few years. Do not ever lose patience and quit midway. You never know you can become the next big thing in this online world.

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