New App will Save More Time and Convenience in Nursing Homes to Arrange Virtual Visits During COVID-19 Crisis

New App will Save More Time and Convenience in Nursing Homes to Arrange Virtual Visits During COVID-19 Crisis

Repticity app uses new technology to create multiple virtual meeting rooms. The developer creates the app to promote safety and convenience for meeting the loved one during the pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to stay away from each other. The pandemic has been spread since early this year. The coronavirus has become a frightening specter for people around the world. More and more people are recommended to stay at home to avoid the infection spread. In crisis time, the way to communicate has changed. People likely have changed their way of communicating with their loved ones with video calls rather than voice calls. One software developer is trying to overcome obstacles by providing a secure virtual visit solution for loved ones. Repticity app is a new app that allows users to create virtual rooms instantly and invites others to join.

Repticity app is a new technology as a solution for nursing homes where the family member can meet their loved ones through safe means during the corona pandemic. The family members don’t need to be afraid of transmitting disease, as this technology uses “virtual visitations,” which means there is no physical contact with each other. Other than that, the technology also cuts the time wasted. According to the developer, recent technology takes up to 20 minutes or more for families to meet their loved ones. With the Repticity app, it will cut more time to arrange virtual visits.

The Repticity app was developed as a solution for arranging virtual rooms through multiple video conference providers. The Repticity app creates instant multiple meeting rooms on a single page. The users can use several popular video conference platform such as Skype, Zoom, Spike, Whereby, and Sylaps to start virtual visits. This way, the nursing home facilities can instantly generate a virtual room to share with family members to see their loved ones.

“We strive to make the virtual visits easier and more simple, especially during this time of crisis,” said the developer. He added that the Repticity app could be accessed by anyone on the official page at The site doesn’t need special or expensive devices. Join now to start a virtual visit.

About Repticity App

The Repticity app is a virtual visits service. The developer wanted the service to be used by many nursing homes as it is easy to create and no-hassle time to start virtual visits. For more information, please visit

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