Emerging travel trends post-lockdown: Independent campervan experiences

Even if travel seems to be a distant reality at the moment, Indie Campers encourages people to keep dreaming, reconnect with nature and when the lockdown eventually is lifted – explore the UK by discovering new places and local wonders.


There’s an old saying that goes: ‘don’t leave home until you’ve seen the country’, which is applicable for the coming months as domestic travel could arguably become the new standard. Currently, the impact of this pandemic is felt in every corner of the travel industry. While last year Brits took a total of 72.6 million trips abroad (Finder 2020), there seems to be no certainty about how travel plans are going to unfold in the next couple of months.


“Perhaps this situation provides some time to rethink travel and focus on local recreation instead of long-distance, and in ways that are more aligned with social distancing. We encourage travellers to refocus on local travel and explore all the wonders we have domestically in the UK,”

– Hugo Oliviera, CEO at Indie Campers.


As lockdown regulations are gradually lifted, campervan rental company Indie Campers is encouraging aspiring travellers to spend time planning for future local getaways and rediscovering the many wonders within their own country. Travelling in a motorhome provides the flexibility to be independent, plan your own waypoints, and spend the night anywhere, waking up surrounded by nature. It makes this mode of travelling a truly adventurous holiday. Moreover, travelling by campervan limits contact with people and reduces any risk of infections. Taking a road trip in a mobile home gives you an opportunity to reconnect with nature, and experience the outdoors this summer without any apprehension. 


On this note, the Campervan rental company has created an infographic with some tips and benefits of campervan travel after the lockdown such as:


  • Microcations – less travel time, more travel pleasure: Take a short trip. As you no longer need to lose time at the airport upon arrival and return, you have the opportunity to go on several shorter weekend breaks and use the days to the fullest. Take a little break, get some change of scenery and recharge your batteries. 



  • Travel locally and sustainably: Support your local community. Grab your loved ones and drive the campervan to a remote location. On the way, make sure to stop in local villages and support local shops and artisans. Go on meaningful trips with conscious decisions. Reduce flying & support the local community along the way.




  • Break into the wild: Drive out into the wilderness and enjoy a few days of hiking, climbing, walking, playing board and ball games. Have you always wanted to learn to juggle or just read a book in a hammock in the forest? Take your time and take in the silence of nature or fall asleep with guitar music around a campfire. 




  • Independent travel option with social distancing: Exchange busy hotel receptions and breakfast buffets with the forest, the lake or whatever you want outside your bedroom window. You can avoid public transport, airports and a cramped flight and limit human interactions to your fellow travellers. It is not about where you are going, but what you are experiencing. 



The British people have always been explorers and, after spending so much time at home, might be more adventurous than ever. Live the adventure while being considerate: grab your partner, your family or your roommates and head out on mini trips in a campervan. To accommodate this, Indie Campers have taken extra measures in prioritising everyone’s health and safety, including deep cleaning of all vans, providing online check-in and support together with online tutorials of their vehicles to minimize human interactions during the rental process.

Indie Campers “Advantages of Campervan Travel Infographic” can be found in different formats and resolutions here.

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