Discover and try over 1,000 kids’ sports workouts and lessons from world-class athlete coaches. Track and share progress with friends, for only $1 per month. 

San Francisco, CA (April 21, 2020) – Since COVID-19, 55 million elementary and secondary students are adapting to hours spent at the dining room table completing online lessons. Recess, gym class, after school and weekend sports activities and the ebb and flow of being an active kid have been upended, with no end in sight. Washing your hands AND getting 30 minutes of exercise daily is encouraged. So, what’s a housebound family to do? Download the Elanation kids sports app and get started, brand new to American families from Down Under, where thousands of Aussie families are engaged and moving.

Even in a small space, children can learn the dynamics of basketball, soccer, dance, yoga, gymnastics, strength training, and aerobics. Or explore something new like karate. For those with a driveway or backyard spot, the ins and out of rugby or riding a scooter are explored. In all, over 1000 workouts and lessons in 15+ sports, across beginner, intermediate and advanced levels are available from the app! There is a sport for everyone to achieve.

One of the most enticing features of each tutorial is the instructor. Imagine learning dance movements from Nikki Croker, seen on Broadway in West Side Story and principle dancer on Amazon Prime’s Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Beginners in karate will learn their first kata from Natsuko Mineghishi, a female World Karate Black Belt champion, or master a double tailwhip from Dylan Morrison, World Number 2 in scooter tricks!

Elanation’s kids sports app (www.elanation.com)  was designed for kids to discover independent learning, experimentation, and endless hours of physical play. Ideal for Apple and Android users, the app requires iOS 9.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Android fans need Android 4.4 and up. One subscription per family is needed, at only $1 per month. Limited offer during COVID-19.

“Inspire your kids to move daily, especially now given all kids are sheltered at home,” suggests Elanation cofounder Aimee Atkins. “On Elanation, your kids will have fun discovering a massive library of sports workouts and lessons that they can try, practice, and safely share online. Best of all, parents and family members can follow along and encourage their kids as they progress and improve over time.”

“Elanation is 100% dedicated to youth,” chimes in co-founder Katherine Maree Pace, “All of the content and features are designed to inspire a healthy relationship between youth and technology. We support positive mental and physical growth for all.”

Parents who have downloaded the extensive library of tutorials agree. 

“This motivates my kids to go outside and do some exercise. The video lessons are easy to follow and suitable for beginners and pros, thanks to the different skill levels. The gymnastics and scooter skills videos are my kids’ favorite! Next week they are going to give karate a try.”

“Our kids are engaged; they’re learning new skills and balancing a healthy relationship with technology. They love interacting with other Elanators and we feel like it’s a safe and healthy place for them to do it. Elanation is exactly what this family needed.”

Social Distancing

COVID-19 has meant all after-school soccer, basketball, and tennis competitions have been erased.  But the camaraderie of being a team player can still exist with Elanation. The app makes it fun and safe to connect, encourage, and challenge teammates, the kids on the block, and your coach. Elanation allows kids to add their friends to their profile. Then share their own progress or boast about new skills learned while practicing social distancing! You can also challenge each other, and compete on friendly skill and step leaderboards.

With a dedicated family portal, mom and dad can have peace of mind knowing their kids are making healthy choices together. Watch your kids learn, grow, and have fun through movement, sport, and health. Follow along with their progress, encourage their improvements, and join in learning new sports skills together. Stay informed on their daily health metrics across sleep, heart rate, steps, and much more.

Elanation Kids Sports Network • $1/month for the first three months. 




There are so many sports and lessons that are guaranteed to excite and challenge kids: Soccer, Basketball, Dance, Yoga, Martial Arts, Scooter, Gymnastics, Tennis, Aerobics, Athletics, and more. At Elanation, it’s not about being the best on your first go; it’s about watching, learning, practicing, and accomplishing it when you are ready. Kids can upload videos each time they try a skill to track their progress and improvement over time. When kids are ready, they can progress through different sports and levels, from beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Getting started is easy: download the Elanation app, create a parent and child account, then you are all ready to start discovering skills, setting goals, competing, and learning. Children create a Superhero username and pick a sporty avatar profile. There are no in-app purchases or ads to worry about.


Elanation co-founders Aimee Atkins (CCO) and Katherine Maree Pace (CEO) launched the Elanation dream in 2019. Their backgrounds in children’s entertainment, industrial design, and competitive sports have bolstered a network of investors, engineers, athletes, and designers to join the community mission in building a trusted brand for the kids’ technology and sports world. The brand name came from the Latin ‘Elan’ meaning ‘energy, style, and enthusiasm.’ Merged with the word ‘nation’, Elanation defines our deep value to create a global nation of children who play energetically and enthusiastically without borders. At the center of all of our design and engineering, decisions are the consideration of a child’s mental and physical health. We put the child first, without compromising “style” for education. Become an Elanator at www.elanation.com.


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