#LiveAtHome and music promotion by thegametv.org

thegametv.org launched the #LiveAtHome initiative. Every day 3 live streaming of emerging artists from all over the world are linked on the site. To see the complete calendar click on the following link: https://www.thegametv.org/news/liveathome-updated-calendar/

Some of the artists on the list for the next days are: Andrea Pimpini (Italy), Nadeah (France), Anna Rodriguez (Spain) and Galaxy Thief (United Kingdom)

All the musicians who want to be added to the calendar can write to thegametv.org! The agency also offers a free collaboration. The services offered are:

  • 2/3 articles per month on thegametv.org
  • 1/2 press releases per month
  • Promotion on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages

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