PLUMMETING UK Condom Sales, Infidelity AND A Baby Boom?

With the nation still in a form of lock down and couples spending a lot more time together than before, there has been a number of unwelcome side-effects. The National Domestic Abuse helpline has seen a 25% spike in calls, dating websites such as Illicit Encounters (which cater strictly for people wishing to cheat on their partners) have seen a huge increase of activity, with 74% of men citing ‘boredom’ as their reason for looking outside of their current relationships.

As the interest in infidelity rises, it’s not surprising that the number of concerned people consulting Private Investigators to check on their partners has sky-rocketed. Brian Sladen, Senior Detective at Watkins Ward Group Investigations said, ‘Couples who are now spending all their time together have found that their partners’ flaws are becoming too big to ignore and are now looking elsewhere for intimacy.”

It’s not just cooped-up couples suspected of sneaking out for their daily dose of ‘exercise’ with another. Some love-rats are treating the lock down as a holiday away from their partners altogether. Brian continues; ‘Watkins Ward Group has seen a near 300% increase in concerned people looking to check up on partners who are isolating in a different location from them and unfortunately for some, their worst fears have been proven correct’.

While the lock down itself is temporary, the damage caused to a great number of relationships in the UK is predicted to be permanent in a lot of cases. Brian concludes, “We’re anticipating a very large increase in the number of divorce cases, separations and affairs as the lock down measures are relaxed”

However, infidelity rates are thankfully not the only statistics on the rise. With a boom in the sales of pregnancy tests alongside a huge fall in the condom market, a lot of loving couples who have stuck together during this crisis will be returning to happier times, potentially accompanied by the pitter-patter of tiny feet.

Watkins Ward Group

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