Ajab Samrai: Introducing Blitzworks

Blitzworks is a revolutionary new creative and strategic consultancy co-founded by Ajab Samrai, John Pallant and Marcus Brown, the company’s joint Global Chief Creative Officers and Global Chief Executive Officer respectively. Established in October 2019, Blitzworks offers a creative process that delivers big platform ideas in three days rather than months, offering the most collaborative, productive and transparent process that moves as fast as innovation within the technology sector.

A radical and timely approach using ‘The Blitz Squads’ as they are referred to, are brought together from a global network of multi-disciplinary, high-calibre individuals with backgrounds in strategy and creativity. Each Blitz Squad is bespoke and selected to address the challenges of each individual project, bringing unique talents, knowledge and experience to the table to deliver brand new creative platforms (or develop and improve existing platforms).

The Blitzworks process has been proven to be highly effective and the company has established a strong reputation with satisfied clients. This process has delivered new international platforms for household names including Pampers and Guinness, increased sales for Citizen in Asia by 180%, taken the sales growth of Sony up 80%, and helped ILohas – the Japanese water brand of Coca-Cola – achieve 28% growth in sales to become a market leader.

Following the initial Blitz, Blitzworks continues to develop and optimise the work on the chosen platform at speed – whether for research, or production and placement – supported as required by the extensive facilities and reach of their global partner TAG Creative Productions.

About Ajab Samrai

Ajab Samrai has a strong reputation for creativity and leadership in business, having built this reputation over many years in the industry. Samrai’s prestigious career in the UK advertising industry began when he was hired by Saatchi & Saatchi in 1987 when the company was at its zenith, and he has been breaking records and overcoming challenges ever since. Ajab Samrai currently has more than 300 awards and professional commendations under his belt and, just like Blitzworks, shows no signs of slowing down.

Throughout his career, Ajab Samrai has always preferred a ‘hands-on’ style of working, leading from the front and being involved in every aspect of every project he has taken on. This approach – combined with his unique creative methodology – forms the foundations of Blitzworks, a business model perfectly suited more now than ever, to the fast evolving marketing era.

For more: www.blitzworks.net

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