Introducing a NEW Facebook Group aimed at MEN ONLY

TEAM MEN Facebook Group is a FREE group for Men who like are missing their usual hangouts of the gym, the sports ground and the pub during lockdown.

Paul Connor Health & Fitness in Cheshire today announced the TEAM MEN free Facebook Group. TEAM MEN is a group of like-minded men who are missing the social interaction with each other, that was once part of their daily life.  TEAM MEN offers a private forum for men to share their exercise and eating ideas for keeping healthy during the pandemic, as well as a place to discuss everyday struggles, and enjoy male banter.  Everyone is encouraged to share their ideas, opinions and daily tips.

“I wanted to create an alternative to the pub, the gym or the football match, where guys could be themselves and still have that interaction that they used to enjoy away from their families and home situations,” explained Paul Connor of PCHF, Northwich, Cheshire.  “I live on my own and found the first few weeks of lockdown tough.  I loved watching the football, and cycling with my friends, and suddenly I found I was struggling without my usual outlets to be sociable.”

Features and benefits of TEAM MEN include:

  • Over 200 members so far
  • Private group
  • Like minded men sharing tips, conversation and encouragement

The TEAM MEN Facebook Group is available to sign up to now and is FREE to join. For more information please visit:

Paul Connor Health and Fitness is the home of TEAM MEN online training for men-only, aged 40-65.  Paul Connor is a 48-year-old male athlete, at the peak of his fitness, still competing, and still winning.  He has over 20 years’ experience of training men, and his latest venture of TEAM MEN embraces the power of commitment and camaraderie within a small group to achieve life changing results.

Press Contact:              Paul Connor

Company Name:         Paul Connor Health & Fitness (TEAM MEN)

Phone Number:           07833 564 139



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