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Pune is generally considered a laidback city, even though there are thousands of businesses that started from here. Sales and marketing are becoming even more important as competition for audiences heats up. Sales is one of the most important aspects of driving brand growth, so it is crucial that you focus on making your sales team into the best version of themselves. In this context, how can you be sure that your sales team is performing as required? Is there any way to make them more effective and efficient in their duties?

The answer is sales training from one of India’s Top Rated Sales Trainers Mr. Mihir Shah. Mr. Shah, who is the CEO of Yatharth Marketing Solutions has been an expert in the Sales industry for several years now and comes with wide experience across diverse sectors for various customized sales training requirements for organizations. He has established YMS as a national leader in providing successful sales training to organizations around the country and is also recognized abroad for his international projects. He is well-known for his well-researched programs, engaging instructional methods, and his focus on developing the future of organizations, rather than just immediate sales.

Sales training is not just about improving the performance of individual salespeople but to bring focus on inter-organizational and intra-organizational business communication training, team building, team development, conflict resolution, helping link employee goals to organizational goals, employee personality development, sales training, management programs, and also training employees to thrive in meeting and overcoming day-to-day challenges in the work-life.

Mihir has been applauded by several organizations for understanding their unique requirements and helping them fulfill those requirements positively. His wide experience is one of the main reasons he is trusted to build a wide range of training strategies for national and international sales teams. He is recognized for his ability to help organizations adopt global standards and make them understandable to any sales team.

So if you are looking to update your employees on generic skills or need a more comprehensive solution for each team or member, Mihir is the right choice for you. He can design a well-thought plan to optimize each team members’ output. This will help you improve your team members’ performance at the employee level, as well as the organizational level.

Great salesmen are created through constant effort and practice of great techniques. Mihir helps you build that plan for success for you and your organization. Remember, this is not the offline world and those sales techniques need to be upgraded for the digital age. There are immense opportunities available to organizations, but they require excellent teams to capture those opportunities.

Mihir Shah is the right choice for you if you require sales training and sales consulting opportunities in Pune. Mihir and his team are ready to offer a comprehensive and customized sales consultancy to help your organization achieve your business goals.

About Yatharth Marketing Solutions:

Yatharth Marketing Solutions is a leading online sales training company for corporate organizations and individuals to increase revenue and returns. With carefully designed training modules and customized sales training programs, YMS has quickly become one of the best sales training & sales consulting firms. For more information about the company and services, visit:


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