How To Grow Your Business During The Covid-19 Crisis

There’s no escaping it, the pandemic that is! Whether personally or professionally, we have all been affected by it; no more so than struggling businesses.  

A small English language school in Shropshire is struggling with the majority of its students affected by travel bans, all non-essential retail is closed, leaving staff, and business owners mystified, and with the summer in full swing, and no sign of the lockdown easing in many places, travel companies are biting their nails. 

But in a disaster, there is also opportunity. 

Most of us would like to forget the crash of 2009, but a volatile economy doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Amid the global recession, some savvy companies and entrepreneurs identified opportunities for growth; things such as e-commerce and investing in trends. This is not the shameless opportunism that was seen at the beginning of the Covid Crisis, with some sellers hiking their prices for certain products, like disinfectants. A crash and burn strategy like that will do more to harm your reputation than it will to line your pockets.

What we’re looking at here is a re-imagining of what is possible. In what ways can companies take advantage of their problematic situations to optimise for the future with ideas and strategies that may not have been considered before.

If your business is reliant on a bricks and mortar school, shop, or other infrastructure, it might be time to move your operations online and create an excellent digital marketing strategy. Take the time out to grow your online presence by optimising your website for search engines, or global consumers. If you decide to go down this route a good translator can be invaluable since your website will need separate pages for international operations. Follow the link here for more information on this. You could also create a social media campaign or reach out to disenfranchised customers with offers that can benefit them while in isolation. It may not pay all your upfront costs, at least not at first, but you will be creating a platform for the future development of your business. 

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