Island rapper Sky Kid features L.A. rising Talent Ponce De’Leioun for his new debut Hip Hop Single ‘Hot Boy’

In a country where Caribbean culture is evident in the local music industry how was Sky going to cause an impact where all ears and eyes would be fixed on his craft. 


Hot Boy was a notable banger but was not given the opportunity to be recorded at a professional studio in the artist home country. As quoted by some local professionals; ‘The song is a complete waste of our time and your money.’ 

Sky wanted something different and wanted his career to be separated from the local trend. The island boy recorded the song by a friend which was then used as reference for the professional recording in Guyana. Noted by his manager the song was a banger. There was a troubling though which the artist pondered on. it needed a feature the island boy thought to himself. 


Around late November Sky looked and found a rapper by the name of Ponce De’Leioun. Ponce is known for his features with his fellow industry mates like Rich The Kid, Riff Raff and many others. He chose him and enlist him as the feature on his song. 

Around January Sky got the verse and sent it to his friend to sort out the vision he had for the song. Around late of the same month COVID-19 scare made all available studios shut down. Nobody wanted to take the risk. Despite all this the island boy pushed through with help and got the song produced the best way we could. We are now ready to share with the world the island boys’ efforts. 




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