Broadcast Journalist for BBC Radio1, Sinead Garvan, Transitions to Voice Acting

Sinead Garvan is a well known voice in the UK. As a broadcast journalist, she read the news on BBC R1 for over 13 years and for the last few years, on R1 breakfast with Nick Grimshaw. Sinead felt like she was at a turning point in her career, and turned to BRAVA to help her transition to Voice Acting.

Employed by the BBC for more than a decade, the thought of being self-employed was a little scary. This however felt the most realistic option. This was when Sinead considered Voice Acting and Voice Over (VO).  

“I was considering presenting jobs, podcasts and radio, media training and VO. When I mentioned VO to people (some in the industry), their immediate reaction was ‘oh it’s really competitive, I’m not sure that’s the best idea’. This was disheartening to hear, but also annoying, as being on the Radio 1 breakfast show is extremely competitive, and I managed that. So I was not deterred.”

Sinead had been reading a lot online, asking VOs through forums for advice, but not understanding any of it. Luckily enough, Sinead found a good VO, Melissa Thom of BRAVA, and suddenly things seemed less daunting and she felt excited again. 

“She understood where I was coming from and how I felt emotionally about a new career and leaving the old one behind. I felt that if I decided to train with her, this would be a course tailored to me, which made me feel comfortable.”

“I learned all about the wide range of VO work, which was completely new to me. Styles of VO, various techniques for different scripts. There is so much to learn about equipment, setting up at home, marketing yourself, and understanding the business side of it all. People presume because I have a background in broadcasting, I could get going as a VO straight away, and now that I have done my first part of the training, I realise there is no way I could have done this by myself.”

“My advice to anyone considering VO, especially if you have the same background as me, is that you don’t think you can do it on your own. Find yourself a mentor and a trainer as I have.”

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