Homeschool project turned into home business

A Webster, Massachusetts woman and her daughter set out on a mission to conduct a fun, yet useful science project and it has blossomed into a thriving home business.

Erin Peloso is a first year homeschool teacher for her daughter Tessa. The duo have had a marvelous year this year and have dabbled in the sciences with respect to inertia, matter and more. At the start of the global pandemic that we are all in the middle of however, Erin decided to start a project with Tessa to take both of their minds off  the grim news. “I knew that this was bad. So I sought out a simple yet fun project that we could do together that would incorporate the sciences and math for her [Tessa]” said Erin. “A few years ago we did a DIY Christmas, and I made soaps, so I said oh my! We could do that!” It has grown into a power house of a small home business since then she says.

Erin explains that as Tessa loved the project, the two decided to do a little more here and there, then friends and family really started to take notice and ask for some. “When I took on the homeschooling my husband was a Police Officer and the sole income, so I wanted to do my part to help, so I thought I could start out a small home business and still teach Tessa her math. We work on fractions, measurements, volume… it’s so much fun!” said Erin.

When asked about the project, Tessa explains her favorite part is cutting the soap! “I love cutting the soap and stirring the scents into the candle wax” said Tessa. The two have launched their website for the business which has now taken on the name “Tranquility & Co.” and they haven’t stopped since! “Within an hour of the website going live, we had over $200.00 in sales! My jaw dropped!” said Erin. The duo explained that they plan to release further “tranquil” products as time carries on.

Erin finished by stating that she “enjoys that their love of a craft can be passed on to others to love in their home”.

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