Solarplexius Releases New Line of Infectious Disease Shields- Sneeze Guard Shields

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Solarplexius Releases New Line of Infectious Disease Shields 

Sneeze Guard shields are already being manufactured and shipped worldwide 



Linköping, Sweden: Today, Solarplexius announced it has begun manufacturing a range of infectious disease shields to help combat the spread of the COVID-19 disease. The Sneeze Guard  is made of acrylic plexiglass, which enables clear visibility. Sneeze Guard allows communication between employees, customers, and patients while maintaining protection from saliva droplets and airborne bacteria. 


“Now is the time for each of us to do what we can in the fight against COVID-19,” says David Nilsson, Head ofProduction at Solarplexius. “We’re proud that we’ve been able to innovate, and bring to the market quickly, a product that could potentially save lives.” 


To facilitate ease of use, Solarplexius designed Sneeze Guard to be: 


  • Multipurpose – Sneeze Guard can be used to reduce exposure to infectious particles found in coughs and sneezes in environments such as offices, pharmacies, gas stations, post offices, grocery stores, hospitals, and clinics. 
  • Easy to set up – Solarplexius Sneeze Guard is designed to stand-alone and consists of only two pieces that are easily set up in a matter of minutes, without any tools. Sneeze Guard can be easily moved around, depending on where they are necessary at any given time. 
  • Customizable – Sneeze Guard shields are available in a range of sizes, but can also be manufactured to specific dimensions. 
  • Available quickly – Sneeze Guard shields are produced within one working day and should be received 2-3 days after placing an order. 


Sneeze Guard shields are available now starting at just EUR 69.90, including shipping and VAT. For more information on Solarplexius Sneeze Guard, visit  


About Solarplexius: Based in Linköping, Sweden, Solarplexius has over thirty years of experience in acrylic glass processing. Solarplexius produces easy-to-use, mountable sun protection window tints—with over 500,000 satisfied customers. 

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