Selling a Home – Crucial Questions to Ask a Realtor

When selling a home, the biggest interests are making as much profit as possible, having a smooth selling process, and dealing with the emotions attached to the process. The easiest way is to sell is through a realtor – some buy the home from you as it is while others will sell it on your behalf.

Just to be sure of who you are dealing with, you need to ask them as many questions as possible. Here, we will guide you on the common questions to ask your realtor when selling a home.

What is Your Experience in Real Estate?

Here you will be seeking a couple of things in one question. First, you need to know how long they have been in real estate. The agent should give you a number of years they have been active. Second, you need to know the experience they have gained in brief. Give them time to share a few experiences that defines who they are to convince you that they are the best.

How Many Sales Have You Made in the Last Year?

This question seeks to know the recent performance of the realtor. The last year is a good time to find out whether they are the best for you or not. If they have not tallied the number from now until a year ago, they can give the figure of the last closed year. You can compare this number with the average annual sales of the best realtors in your area.

In Which Area Have You Sold the Most Houses?

According to Home Flippers experts, you should know where your realtor sells the most houses. Of course, the suitable one should be the one specialized in your area. They tend to know the best potential customers to target, the renovations that will increase the chances of selling the home fast, and it is easy for them to negotiate a good deal in neighborhoods they are familiar with. Thus, always hire realtors who have sold the most houses in your area.

How Do You Market Properties?

By asking this question, you want to know if their strategies are effective in selling your home fast. This will also let you know whether the house needs to be photographed by a professional or not. Some realtors require the home staging to be done before they can start advertising the home in local magazines, websites, and even TV stations. The marketing strategies in place will determine the preparation that needs to be done to the home.

Do You Have Many Clients at the Moment?

It is good to know whether the realtor is popular or not. Although those with many clients are tempting to try, it is not always the best direction to take. They might be overwhelmed and end up not giving your house the attention it deserves. You can still hire one with a few houses and they will sell yours very fast.

You can ask as many questions as you want on top of these. The goal is to get to know the realtor as much as possible to increase the chances of selling your home fast, especially if you need the money urgently.

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