Announcing a New Board Line Up for 4Networking


“Every BIG opportunity starts with a little conversation.” StefanThomas – Network Director

Each time you attend a 4Networking meeting, the opportunity is massive. Not everyone regards it as such.

Let us share 3 people that did
Stef Thomas, Network Director of 4Networking, Stef joined the network on 22nd October 2007 after walking into the launch of 4N Oxford. If he hadn’t walked in that to the launch, would he have become the author of Business Networking for Dummies? Would he have become an international speaker? Unlikely.  He certainly wouldn’t have become Network Director, which he now is.

Or how about Terry Cooper, who came through the door as a visitor at 4N Gordano on the 29th November 2006, with his 30 years of sales and 15 years of PLC Board level experience.  Terry started as a Group Leader before becoming Development Director and now Chairman of 4N.

And let’s talk about arguably the smiliest person in the network, Jen Hinds, who joined the 4N Runcorn team on the 12th November 2009, at her very first meeting. Jen runs her Always Oarsome training company which serves her and us well, and today, we finally officially announce Jen’s appointment to the 4N Board, as Training and OPS Director of 4N.

And what about Pippa Hodge. Previously Ops Director, Pippa has stepped up to steer 4N through lockdown and, instead of this period being disastrous for the network, Pippa made it fantastic. She has led the team to pull the whole network online and continuing to give our members a place to network and to belong.  Today, Pippa rightfully takes up her new role as the first female managing director of 4N.

Three once visitors, now shareholders on the board of 4Networking. Pippa, Jen and Stef will run the network day to day, with Terry and Brad Burton bringing their experience to bear in the background.
The opportunity, for each of us, is to find our own virtual teams to help grow our prospective businesses, by being a positive networker, a positive 4Ner and building a positive future. Anything is possible.
This really means the war for 4N is over, we have survived & evolved from Covid.

We have come through one of the most difficult times in 4N’s existence, but now we enter into a new chapter, with a kinder, more rounded way of moving forward.

Please join us in congratulating Pippa, Jen and Stef on their new appointments and thank you to everyone who has actively and so positively supported us throughout these testing few months.
We will get through this. Together.

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