Coworking Spaces: How to Find the Right One For You

The concept of sharing office space can be a bit of a challenge to those who enjoy their privacy. However, with modern innovations underway, long gone are the days where companies and their employees would be housed under a simple office building. The idea of a coworking environment has revolutionized the way we carry out business, especially for entrepreneurs and startups that prefer to alleviate the costs of renting an office. According to research by, the estimated number of people working in a coworking space in America is bound to shoot to 1.08million by 2022. It’s no surprise that coworking spaces are generally popular among the corporate sector and for a good reason. In today’s article, we discuss five essential traits to look out for when locating your ideal coworking space.


  1. Available Amenities

When looking for your ideal coworking space, it is crucial to consider the available amenities offered. Some essential things to find in a perfect coworking space include:

  • A washroom
  • Meeting room
  • Decent space
  • Access to an outdoor space
  • Pantry

These necessary facilities will help keep you and your team highly motivated and boost productivity. With a meeting room, you can convey your daily tasks or hold discussions with clients instead of renting out a costly venue. Access to an outdoor space will help offer a refreshing break for strenuous work, allowing both you and your staff to reset. At the same time, a pantry will enable one to brew coffee and have meals without spending on restaurants or cafes.


  1. Cost-Effectiveness

One of the great things about coworking is the many available and affordable options. Some working spaces can go for up to half the price of a traditional office. However, when selecting your ideal coworking space, you need to bear in mind the cost of the rent. Depending on the type of business you’re running, you will need to scout coworking spaces that fit within your budget. For example, a new startup company with a few employees doesn’t need to spend too much on renting out a generous and spacious coworking space. In the long run, saving as much capital as possible will prove beneficial to enhancing and promoting business growth and funding projects. Therefore, take some time and research your area’s local market to find a coworking space that suits your budget perfectly. If you need some assistance, you can find coworking spaces here.


  1. Internet Connectivity

Another vital thing to consider when finding your coworking space is internet connectivity. We live in a generation where all our devices and work activities solely rely on a decent internet connection. Depending on the number of people coworking with you, the internet speeds may be drastically capped. A slow internet connection will only hinder your work productivity and ability to reach out and reply to clients or send emails on time. Therefore, it’s crucial to determine the speed of the Wi-Fi connection and the security of the network, whether private or public, to prevent any impediments to your work and protect your data from hackers.


  1. Research on the People You’ll Be Co-working With

It’s essential to understand your newly found business roommates to co-exist and work well in a populated environment. Understanding the nature of the people within your coworking space can significantly improve the overall productivity, especially when both parties are lenient. This will make working in an office space much more comfortable without any conflict or minor discrepancies when sharing amenities.


  1. Local Commutability and Distance

A coworking space can improve productivity and time effectiveness. When scouting for the right coworking space, it’s imperative to consider how easy it is to commute. Ideally, you’d want to secure a centrally located space within your employees’ vicinity or is at least easy to reach with a bus, train, or cab; the closer, the better as it will mitigate transportation costs and fare. On the other hand, a coworking space that is far from most will make traveling to work difficult. Furthermore, the pressure of commuting to work daily will only weigh down on your staff, limiting their productivity and morale.


In Summary

If establishing a new office is a daunting task, a coworking space can provide a seamless and cost-effective alternative to carrying out your daily work than a traditional office would.

Furthermore, it’s a reliable and modern way to work while allowing a conducive environment that boosts productivity.

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