Sick of all the fear and negativity? Join The Happy Club!

International Life Coach launches The Happy Club, with a vision to ‘make love go viral’

LONDON, UK, 21 August 2020 – Anyone who spends even a small amount of time online these days will recognise that there is a lot of negativity, anger, fear and hate. Much of our attention in this world is unconsciously placed on these things. From media, to the news, the office, and especially social media, it’s taking a toll on our mental and physical wellbeing.

Qualified London NLP coach, Kash Desai decided to do something about it – launching a project with a simple and powerful mission… to make love go viral. The Happy Club is the product of this vision to spread joy and make the world a more loving place by creating a global, loving community. Through The Happy Club, he hopes to counter the perpetual cycles of negativity, fear and judgement and instead help people rediscover their own source of love and joy within.

“Anyone who has spent any time browsing social media, watching the news, or witnessing office politics will know the negative psychological effects of social comparison and an unhealthy focus on negativity and fear very clearly,” says Kash, “It is well documented that it is detrimental to our physical and mental health.”

It was his own journey from hopelessness to joy that inspired him to launch this community.

As a boy in India, Kash worked eighteen-hour days in a factory, earning a monthly salary that was the equivalent to just £10 a month, to keep his family afloat. But he was persistent and eventually went on to forge a successful career in banking and finance, moving to the UK and finding financial affluence.

“To the world, I was a winner, but I felt empty. I had lost my sense of purpose in the process of trying to find my way in the world,” he says, “The pain I started to feel as a child had become unbearable, and this triggered my journey to discover who I really was and what I wanted.”

Kash’s journey of self-discovery eventually led him to the realisation that all the answers he sought were inside of him and that his own capacity for love and potential, was limitless.

“If everyone traded their expectations for love and appreciation, then the world would be a beautiful, loving place. If hate manifests hate and fear manifests more fear, then love for the self within can manifest love for everyone else outside,” he explains.

Kash decided to share all that he had discovered, and in doing so, try to make the world a more loving place… and The Happy Club was born.

The Happy Club is currently comprised of a Podcast, with short but powerful episodes to uplift and inspire the community and The Happy Club Facebook Community, where people can share stories of positivity, love and kindness and offer care and support for fellow members. The Facebook Group already has more than 400 members, who have responded with overwhelming positivity.

“I’ve been on a journey which has helped me realise the true meaning of love, happiness, and joy. The answer? It lies within, in loving and accepting our self, and instead of seeking it from outside, bringing love into the world and sharing it with others. I believe the more people understand this, the greater the positive impact can be in our world. We’re creating a loving global community. Let’s grow together through joy, love and upliftment. Let’s make love go viral.”

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