Rwazi Captures Actionable Retail Data from 40 African Countries

PORT LOUIS, MAURITIUS—Feb. 18, 2021—Today Rwazi, a data service startup headquartered in Mauritius, launched its new services. Organizations looking for accurate behavioral and consumer retail information from African countries can now cull from fresh on-ground data. Decision makers with responsibilities in Africa can utilize data from Rwazi to plan and produce accurate projections for manufacturing, distribution and sales. Rwazi has an expansive network of mappers, or data collectors, who live in 40 countries across sub-Saharan Africa. The data-collection company wants to partner with global organizations that need high-quality African consumer data. These partnerships will give companies a competitive edge to capture profits.

“We’ve tracked the availability and pricing of over 100 brands of consumer products, including Coca Cola, Pampers, Gillette, Jack Daniel’s, Colgate, and Axe at traditional retail outlets,” said Founder and CEO, Joseph Rutakangwa. “We have a solid reputation in the information-gathering industry. For example, our data has provided fintech companies the ability to monitor payment systems across all competitors.”

Rwazi network of mappers are paid to harvest data in real time. Their audited data sets provide the basis for advanced analytics on the African market. They have tracked internet data usage, sales conversion and budget spending habits among African telecom consumers. Companies receiving Rwazi’s actionable information can adjust their offerings and packages.

Mr. Rutakangwa is one of the most informed marketing leaders and experts on consumer activities from the sub-Saharan region of Africa. Prior to Rwazi, he consulted on multinational projects for transport, telecommunications, retail, consumer goods and healthcare during African-market expansion. He has received Southern Africa Startup Awards for “Brave Founder of the Year” and a nomination for the “People’s Choice” by Global Startup Awards.

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