Online Slots: A Hobby or an Addiction?

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There is a fine line between a hobby and an addiction. This line is quite easy to cross, especially when playing online slots at SlotsBaby. Sometimes you enjoy something so much that you don’t even realize that it has turned into addictive behavior. How do you even distinguish between the two? Find below a distinction between online slots as a hobby and online slot addiction, as well as a few indicators that you might have a problem.

What Constitutes A Hobby?

A hobby refers to an activity that you do for pleasure in your free time, regularly. From that definition alone you can gather that the majority of slot players engage in slot gaming as a hobby. So this seems pretty harmless. However, when does this hobby turn into addictive behavior and how can you tell when it does?

When Constitutes Addiction?

Addiction refers to a brain disorder whereby you compulsively engage in a specific activity. This means that you are psychologically and physically unable to stop engaging in that activity, regardless of the negative effects.

While many people only see addiction in terms of drugs or alcohol, it can also apply to behaviors like gambling. This is also referred to as behavioral addiction.

When Does A Hobby Turn Into Addiction?

A hobby turns into an addiction when you can no longer resist your urge to engage in addictive behavior. Where normally you were able to stick to a slot session time limit of 1 hour, you are now struggling to take your eyes off the screen long enough to grab a bite to eat. This could have a negative effect on your bank balance because you keep playing regardless of the fact that you hardly ever win. That hole in your pocket is getting bigger and bigger. It even gets to the point where it starts to interfere with your sleep, ultimately leading to eating and sleeping problems. Regardless, you can’t seem to stop playing.

However, it is possible to have an addiction without totally spiraling out of control. You could simply be more preoccupied with slots than usual, or spend more money and time playing without going bankrupt. You can thus still be addicted to slots without experiencing significant losses or consequences.

Online Slot Addiction

Some people refer to slot addiction as a hidden illness since there are none of the obvious physical symptoms that you can see in drug or alcohol addiction. However, the following behaviors may indicate slot addiction.

Gambling In Secret

You might lie about exactly how much you gamble for fear of being judged or you think others won’t understand.

Unable to Control Your Gambling

Once you sit down, how sure are you that you’ll be able to get up and walk away when you’ve had enough?

Spending Money You Don’t Have

Leaving once you have nothing left to bet is normal gambling behavior. However, spending your entire budget and looking to money that you know has been set aside for necessities to fund your habit is not.

Final Thoughts

Just because there is a fine line separating online slots as a hobby and online slot addiction, does not mean that you will eventually cross that line. It is perfectly fine to enjoy slot gaming regularly without showing any detrimental effects.