Pubs set to lose 30% of customers with NHS app

“Scan Before You Drink” NHS QR Code is set to cull pub customers by 30%.

The NHS Covid QR App is relying on the Hospitality Sector to build a huge network of Covid Tracking Stations, yet at the same time brings access restrictions that will affect many customers.

“In just a few days, to buy a pint you’ll first need to scan one of up to half a million NHS QR code poster that will appear across England. If you don’t, the venue can be fined” says Andrew Holford, M.D. of comms specialists CommerceCall, who then adds. “The NHS QR code system is really good but comes with real problems for the industry, the main ones being it cannot be accessed by around 30% of visitors and venues are now effectively banned from using any other QR registration system”.

“In a volta-face with striking similarities to the “buy diesel cars, low consumption’s good for us all”, the effective ban on all hospitality venues from using QR based visitor systems is a bit of a kick-in-the-teeth”. That’s how Holford describes one of the hidden consequences of the new NHS QR Code app. He explains, “To help NHS Track & Trace, venues had been encouraged to buy QR-based apps, many also incorporating remote ordering services. To avoid confusion with the new NHS QR app. the government is now saying “Stop using your own QR systems.”

The main issue for the sector is how to register every guest? Holford explained the size of the problem. “Everyone has a mobile phone, yet the NHS system can only be used with compatible Smart Phones. Group registration is not possible and when you add the number of non-smart phone users you can have 30% or more of guests at your door yet unable to legally access the venue; making profits becomes impossible ”.

Whilst fully backing the NHS QR code, Holford told us how it was still possible to register that vital missing 30% of quests. “The suggestion of the Government is a manual back-up system, but that takes staff time, and has security and contamination issues. The best contact recording method is via texting as all mobiles can text. It still allows group registration and if a visitor does not have a smartphone, they simply use option 2 and send a text, or ask the venue to do it for them”.

CommerceCall’s solution is called TrackSafely. It’s led by a legally compliant door poster that incorporates the regulation NHS poster alongside their texting option. It’s unique, simple, and very clear.
TrackSafely costs from under £10 a month and is designed to ensure the missing 30% always become paying customers.

Track Safely is a service only available from CommerceCall Ltd.

CommerceCall Ltd commenced business in 1986 and is based in Bournemouth.

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