SecureMe App Founder Launches Go Fund Me Campaign Raising £5000 for Animal Welfare Charities

SecureMe App Founder Launches Go Fund Me Campaign Raising £5000 for Animal Welfare Charities

Founder of SecureMe, the innovative security app for mobile phones, today announced the launch of the You Download, We Donate Go Fund Me Campaign, encouraging App downloads in exchange for charitable donations of £5000.

Leeds, YORKSHIRE. (September 2020) – Customers are now invited to download the SecureMe App which has been shortlisted for the National Technology Awards 2020 for The Best Mobile Security Innovation of 2020 and also The Best Mobile Application 2020, for free on the Google Play Store.

SecureMe is a groundbreaking security Application for mobile phones/devices which empowers mobile phone users to take control of how their data is accessed and shared. SecureMe not only educates phone users by revealing what access their apps actually have but it also provides unprecedented levels of data protection.

SecureMe prevents organisations like Facebook, WhatsApp and others using those permissions to collect data when users are not aware and by doing this the battery life of your phone is improved.

The App has been tested on 80% of the market phones, but more downloads are required to help fix any issues that may arise with the different phones available on the market. In the current BETA state, users may experience glitches that the SecureMe team are actively seeking out and debugging. To ensure every user receives a positive experience when using the App, they are seeking feedback.

As part of the founder’s mission to gain valuable feedback regarding the App’s usability, a donation will be made to both Four Paws and the Zoological Society of London.

Founder of SecureMe James Dunne states:
“We would like to ask the Go Fund Me community to download SecureMe to get the feedback we need. We would like to get 20,000 + downloads and in return, we will donate the £5000 split between the two charities.”

Campaign Targets and Milestones:

1000 – 4000 Downloads and we will donate £1000.00
4001 – 9000 Downloads and we will donate £1000.00
9001 – 14000 Downloads and we will donate £1000.00
14001 – 19000 Downloads and we will donate £2000.00

Readers are invited to follow the progress of the campaign and contribute to its success by visiting the Go Fund Me page and downloading the SecureMe App.


Founded in the 1980s, FOUR PAWS is an animal welfare organization dedicated to creating a kinder world for animals across the globe to live in.


The Zoological Society has been devoted to the worldwide conservation of animals since it was founded in 1826.


SecureMe provides a convenient and effective way to turn off permissions of mobile applications when they are not in use. The algorithm behind SecureMe is developed to turn off permissions automatically protecting users against potential cyber-attacks.

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