Leading Digital Marketing Company In Massive Expansion Phase

A leading digital marketing company is bucking the economic trend by hiring more people to its global workforce. WebCreationUK Ltd based in Trowbridge, Wiltshire have been around for over 15 years and have therefore experienced the turbulence everyone expects when running a business. They already survived the 2008 financial crash and have beaten off competition from the many alternative DIY website options available.

They faced one of their greatest challenges since birth when the virus came along and caused widespread fear resulting in a massive reduction in interest initially. However, with some smart moves and utilising the incredible team they have, they’ve since seen the company grow by an additional 50%. Entire new departments have formed and an additional 100% growth in their sales force has allowed them to aggressively take on more work.

When asked how they’ve accomplished such great success in a matter of months, CEO Leon Millard said  “The logical move when things slow down is to make cut backs.  Naturally we were forced to make some ourselves but we also looked at areas that were still performing. We pushed these areas whilst making temporary cut backs in marketing until the initial fear factor from the virus had relaxed slightly. We’ve always been a customer focused brand so we took that even further by making the absolute most out of our client base. The added bonus to this was that customers got so much attention, they left us 5 star reviews and bought other products that we’ve not had time to look at before. We then moved some of our sales people on to these new products to make the most of the opportunity. Whilst this was all happening, business organically picked back up so we didn’t hang around and threw more at our marketing activities than ever before. We also went on a massive recruitment drive mainly via linked in and the buzz that was generated off all of this just fuelled the team further! Our mantra has always been work hard play harder and it’s ingrained in our DNA.”

The company has now opened an office in the Philippines as well as recruiting in their Arizona office in the USA and a big drive on staff in Asia and Eastern Europe. They plan to soon open a sales office in Australia to further increase their global footprint. With so many positions opening all the time we asked Leon how they managed to hire people so quickly. He said “We love recruiting people, it’s a huge thing to see our global workforce expand and only sends out a strong positive message to our amazing team, clients and competitors. With extremely flexible working conditions, huge Xmas weekends, company summer festivals, office bar & games, drinks delivery to your home, voucher perks, USA / UK exchange programme, big earnings potential, unlimited working from home and many more staff perks, it’s always easy to find the very best talent!.”

When asked about what makes them different to the many other digital marketing providers Leon said “We focus on our team first instead of pretending to focus on the customer first like others do. In turn, because our team are upbeat and enjoying their work life balance, they’re able to really get stuck in to the clients needs with a clear mindset. This means our clients are working with real people who have tons of experience and are happy. Our educational approach to a better way of work life feeds through to our clients who not only end up with a great service but also a better understanding of the digital business world. This combination means our clients can go on and be more successful with their own business and the happy circle comes back around to working with us again.”

WebCreationUK intend to finish the year in style with further recruitment as they look to take on new business from additional opportunities and making the most of their new up-scaled team.

Offering a full digital marketing experience WebCreationUK can offer your business all the digital services you need including, website design, SEO, PPC marketing, social media, website videos, content writing, hosting, email and more.

Contact WebCreationUK on 0800 69 06 009 and talk to one of their digital marketing advisors today.

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