Starloop Studios will double studio headcount in the next year to become a game development outsourcing leader

As the company continues to collect accolades it’s clear that the gaming developer is on its way to becoming a global industry-leader, poised to take advantage of outsourcing demands

BARCELONA, SPAIN; 19 October 2020 – 2020 has been a big year for Spanish game development business, Starloop Studios. The studio made it to the list of finalists for “Best Service Provider” at the Pocket Gamer Mobile Game Awards. Their games have also been racking up App Store accolades like Editor’s Choice, Best New Games, and Games of the Year, Number 1 in App Store, and Number 1 overall in App Store.

It’s no coincidence though. Starloop Studios is on a mission to become a leading game development outsourcing company globally. After almost a decade in the industry, the team has accumulated substantial knowledge and resources that now allow the team to take on even the most daring and complex projects.

CEO Jesus Bosch says he’s planning to double the studio’s headcount over the next year as the company meets the global demand for quality outsourcing.

With Barcelona quickly becoming a gaming development hub in Europe, Bosch suggests the lower cost of living is a factor that allows them to make outsourcing more affordable to clients. At the same time, he believes Starloop is rapidly attracting specialized talent that can help ramp up production for developers at key phases in their projects.

Being an avid gamer himself, Bosch says few studios have a passion for gaming as part of their core value proposition.

“I believe in offering game development services where you don’t just put the hours on the table, you also put your heart in it, and share an objective with the publisher or developer to build the best game,” says Bosch, “I feel honoured to have been able to work with a great team that has developed some successful games that have reached top positions in the digital app stores. My theory is that hard work, combined with a good team, always pays off.”

There’s no doubt that game development outsourcing is on the rise. Insights from the External Development Summit 2020 show a clear increase in demand for outsourced developers in various spheres.

According to their data, “90% of Developers or Publishers externalize some or all of their 3D art (vehicles, props, weapons, characters), while UI/UX and VFX decrease respectively to 57% and 50%” and “97% of Developers / Publishers foresee a growth in demand for external development” – a figure that is increasing by 5% year on year.

The number one reason cited by respondents in retaining outsourcing services? The flexibility to ramp up or down key skill-sets at crucial times in their development process.

Starloop Studios is ahead of the curve on these trends, already supplying a broad range of expertise to the industry in areas including Full- Cycle Game Production, Game Porting, 2D and 3D Art production, Concept Art, 2D and 3D Animation, UX/UI Design, Tools Development, Video Ads, Playable Ads, Game VFX, Game Customer Service, and QA and Testing.

To date, the company has successfully completed projects for leading global brands including; EA, Social Point, Ubisoft, Square Enix, Gamevil, Game House, Disney, Scopely, Nitro Games, Cherrypick Games, Chillingo and many more.

“As the industry evolves and games become more complex, Starloop Studios are well-positioned to become a key outsourcing firm that will help to ease the workload and ensure providers games are functioning optimally at launch,” says Bosch.

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