New Service Offers UK-Based African Ex-Pats a Taste of Home


There’s no better cure for homesickness than a taste of the food they grew up with for expatriates living or studying abroad. For this reason, a new subscription service is offering African ex-pats in Britain monthly care packages chock-full of their favorite food items from South Africa and Zimbabwe.

“When you’re living overseas, there’s nothing like finding one of your favorite snacks from back home,” explains Matthew Pollard, co-founder and CEO of YeboBox, a South Africa-based business venture with a presence in the UK.

Pollard came up with the idea of monthly care packages after seeing how happy his fellow ex-pats became whenever they discovered shops in the UK selling snacks imported from their native land. “Whether it’s a particular brand of biscuit or a beloved chocolate bar from one’s youth, these simple pleasures are the source of untold joy for many African ex-pats,” he says.

And there is no shortage of would-be customers. According to Britain’s official statistical agency, roughly a quarter-million South African nationals live in the UK.

“What’s more, given the current restrictions imposed on movement due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s an increased demand for online services that can bring high-quality products straight to your doorstep,” Pollard says.

In hopes of meeting this demand, YeboBox offers two monthly subscriptions; a ‘Mini’ subscription featuring letterbox-sized care packages (containing six or more snacks) and a ‘Classic’ subscription featuring medium-sized care packages (containing 11 or more snacks).

The selection of food items in the care packages changes each month, based on a monthly survey of YeboBox’s followers on Facebook. The packages are attractively designed, making them ideal gifts for friends and relatives living abroad.

Subscription costs include delivery to the UK, although YeboBox care packages can be sent almost anywhere in the world for an additional shipping fee.

A family-run business, YeboBox was launched earlier this year by Pollard and his cousin, Tracy Lee Pollard, both of whom were born in Zimbabwe (although Tracy grew up in South Africa).

Given the enterprise’s initial success, the pair hopes to eventually expand the range of the service by establishing a permanent presence in other English-speaking countries, especially the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

“Both of us have traveled extensively and lived all over the world,” Pollard says. “But like many ex-pats based abroad, we know that Africa, its people, its traditions, and its food are truly unique and will always hold a special place in our hearts.”

He adds: “These days, it’s more important than ever to find simple ways to bring joy into our lives, whether it’s by indulging ourselves in a favorite snack once in a while or by reconnecting with the places we came from.”

To mark its service’s recent launch, YeboBox is now offering both of its subscription packages at reduced prices: £19.99 a month for its ‘Mini’ package and £39.99 a month for its ‘Classic’ package.

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