Safe For Travel: How The New Normal Looks When It Comes To Vacations

Travel has changed a lot this year. With travel bans and then more recently travel corridors allowing travel between countries with and without quarantine restrictions. It has certainly meant that your usual travel plans have come into question this year. But, with things getting a little easier and with the spread of covid-19 becoming a little more under control, it now means that travel is on the cards for many people now and in the future. However, there is a new normal that we face. So with that in mind, here is what safe travel looks like for vacations for the near future. 

Wearing face masks in public places

One of the first things that you may need to get used to is wearing masks more frequently. Some countries may have different restrictions when it comes to wearing masks. For example, Spain requires you to wear face masks at all times in public places, whereas others just want you to do it inside shops and restaurants. So make sure you check the guidelines before making the trip. Having masks with you when it comes to holidays is a good idea. You don’t want to be caught out in a foreign country going against law and regulations that are in place there. 

Social distancing 

This may seem strange for your vacations but social distancing has now become a new normal for all of us. Which means that when you are a little more relaxed, in a bar, enjoying a few drinks, that you must ensure that you still adhere to social distancing measures. Again regulations may change when it comes to the different countries you might be visiting. So always make sure that you check the guidance before traveling. Some countries may only require one meter distance whereas others might require you to remain at a two meter distance. 

Covid testing 

It has now become evident that there could be covid testing done to help people reduce quarantine times and be allowed to enter certain countries. This can mean that you don’t have to worry about quarantine or that you can ensure that no travel plans are disrupted. In some cases, you will be required to do this before setting foot on a plan, so you can order fit to fly test onlines easily enough. This is a new development but could make travel more opportunistic to more people over the next few months. 

Quarantine periods 

Last of all, it is worth ensuring that you check any quarantine restrictions ahead of travel. It could mean that once you return home, that you can’t go back to work or be around others until that quarantine period has ended. Again, this might vary depending on the country you have visited and guidance can change with very short notice. So make sure you keep in mind that you may have to suddenly quarantine even if you didn’t have to when you originally booked. 

Let’s hope this helps you to be more informed about what the new normal is when it comes to travel.

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