Travel Checklist – What You Need To Consider When Going Abroad

Is there anything sweeter than the anticipation of going abroad? Than knowing that in a few short days you’ll be jetting off to some far flung land and escaping the quotidian trials and stresses of your day-to-day life. Whether you’re going overseas to lounge in the sun by a pool somewhere or to quench your thirst for adventure in a sprawling cityscape or exotic jungle there’s nothing like transporting yourself to a land of new opportunities.

Yet, while you’ll be flying far away from all of your usual cares and considerations that is not to say that you’re out of the woods yet in terms of planning. Before you go overseas there are still some “t”s to cross and “i”s to dot before you fly away to ensure that you can enjoy the stress-free excursion that you deserve. That’s why we’ve compiled this handy travel checklist of things you’ll need to consider when going abroad…

Check for any vaccinations you may need

One of the first things you will need to do is to check whether you need any special vaccinations to protect you from illness and infections in your chosen destination which you do not require at home. Not only could it take you weeks to get an appointment, some vaccinations may take a little while to take effect. For this reason, it is advisable not to wait. Make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible or at the very least take a look at the NHS travel vaccinations guide.

Passports and visas

The last thing you need is to get within a week of your flight day and learn that your passport is out of date. It’s a good idea to double check that your passport is in-date a month or two before your flight date just to be on the safe side. It also behoves you to check what visas you will need.

Insurance… it’s not optional!

Whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of neglecting to insure your trip. No matter how remote you may feel the possibility of accident, injury, robbery or flight cancellations there’s absolutely no reason not to get comprehensive travel insurance so that you can fly with peace of mind. Your policy should include coverage for;

  • Accident or illness
  • Theft or loss of property
  • Lost luggage
  • Delays and cancellations

Invest in a good money belt

From the bustling streets of Rome to the bazaars of Tunisia, any space in which large quantities of humans are crammed together are fertile grounds for pickpockets. These unscrupulous individuals will think nothing of relieving you of your wallet and all its contents or even your family’s passports and travel documents. A good money belt will keep your valuables close at hand while also preventing anyone but you from getting to them.

A great way to make sure you are sticking to a budget as you travel is by developing a side hustle for yourself to earn money as you travel the world. An increasingly popular means to do this is through teaching English online. There is a huge demand globally for English language teachers and many intermediaries enable people to teach via their laptop from where they are. The qualification that you need to take advantage of these opportunities is an online TEFL certificate.

Pack smart

If you’re travelling with a partner, don’t make the mistake of packing separate bags. Some passengers choose the best luggage sets for travelling lighter than others and it’s entirely possible that one of the is within your allocated luggage allowance while the other is not. Pack smart and distribute your belongings equally between 2 bags or cases. Weigh these well in advance of arriving at the airport to avoid embarrassment!

With a little forward planning you can ensure a relaxing and stress-free trip!


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