Artisan start up offers enchanting fairy inspired candles

Elle Lene is an artisan candle start-up. It is a holistic and inspirational brand that blends aesthetics, well -being and spirituality through the designs and scents. The fairytale candles are an enchanting and calming immersion into the fairy world.

Elle Lene currently carries 4 different candles; the Bliss Candle, the Serenity Candle, the Seduction Candle and the Pleasure Candle. Each artisan candle is carefully crafted for quality and style. The scents evoke fairytale feelings and are designed to inspire and delight. The candles are fairy-inspired and help people connect to their mind, soul and spirit.

The Seduction Candle is the perfect piece to include in winter decor, adding an enchanting, festive feel to any space. This beautiful fairy candle is made with contemporary art glass, which enhances the beauty and vibration of the room. The candle is black with gold trim, giving it a classic, timeless and enchanting feel. The blend of wild creamy nectarine, cacao and spiced saffron evokes feelings of relaxation and sensuality. This fairy candle includes soul light saffron, iris, cocoa, fiery embers and smokey incense fairy potions. The candle comes with a quilted candle case for packaging.

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