An Insight Into Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are loads of fun even if you aren’t yet familiar. You’re locked inside a room filled with puzzles and games that will provide you the necessary clues to leave the room – hence the name, escape room. However, there are some ways to make the experience faster or even more fun. Here are some insights on escape rooms.

Importance of Teamwork

First and foremost, escape rooms are really a group activity. Nothing is stopping you from going to an escape room alone but because there’s a time limit, and because it’s more fun to do so, having a team really makes the experience a whole lot better.

One important thing that you can do is to make sure you enjoy an escape room with people you know. This can be with your coworkers or friends. There are some escape rooms that will let you go inside a room with other strangers, and while that’s an experience on its own, doing an escape room with people you know will really make the experience worthwhile because escape rooms need a lot of communication among the players. Something that has to be emphasized in escape room games is communication and you can read more about it here

In the effort to save time, many groups tend to divide the work across the room to get a better time, but because of this system, there can be communication problems. Often in escape rooms, one puzzle would lead to the next. If multiple people simultaneously do different puzzles without communicating, there might be some clues that don’t make sense because it would make sense for someone else doing a different puzzle.

Another aspect of teamwork in escape rooms that has to be considered is the number of players. Escape rooms have a limit of maximum players – this number varies from escape room to escape room.

However, it is recommended to have less than the maximum players allowed. It may seem counterintuitive because since escape rooms are puzzle-based, more people should make it easier right? Well, not exactly. The more players there are in a room, the more likely it will become disorganized and messy. There will be less space to move in, and communication will be even harder.

Doing Puzzles Efficiently

Escape rooms not only have time limits, but the group will also get a higher score if they manage to leave the room quicker. Here are some tips and tricks to get better scores and avoid common problems that people can run into.

Often, a lot of time is wasted by taking too long on a specific puzzle. If this happens to you, just take a deep breath and consider asking someone else to do it instead. Changing the person doing a difficult task can sometimes provide a different perspective that will help solve that puzzle immediately.

Another tip to have a more cohesive escape room experience is for everyone to just yell out whatever they are doing to constantly update everyone else. This is also a reason why it is much more recommended to have less than the maximum number of allowable players because if there are too many people inside the room, then that’s just going to be a lot of people yelling things that others won’t be able to understand.

Spreading out will also help solve the escape room more efficiently. It might be tempting to head over to someone doing a difficult task but it might be a better use of your time to go and do a separate task all by yourself. Teamwork is especially important and every single member of the group is an asset towards the goal of the group.

Another easy way to do the puzzles more efficiently is to simply manage the items you acquire. Throughout the game, you will be getting various items such as keys, notes, and stuff like that. It is important to have these items managed so as to not lose them.

It is also recommended to actually separate items that have already been used. For example, if you’ve already used a key to open something (i.e., like a box or a drawer), then you can just put that key somewhere else. Seeing the number of keys you have that hasn’t been used yet will give you an idea how many more items need keys to be opened.

A great tip for getting better time is when you are presented with a combination lock and you need to look for each digit individually. If it’s a three-digit combination lock, then you can just stop searching for the third digit as soon as you get the first two because once you get the first two, it will be easier to just cycle through all the digits for the third digit instead of solving another puzzle to get that last digit.

Be a Detective

Unless you’re a real life detective, escape rooms can be your one time chance to actually act like a detective. In this regard, go over everything with great comprehension. If you see a bookshelf, check out all the books. If you see a piano, try all the keys. Escape rooms try their best to hide clues and you are going to have to do your best to see where they can hide the clues, even in plain sight.

There are things you can choose to ignore in escape rooms though. It’s true that it’s important to check everything, but there are some things that would just be a waste of time. Escape rooms are fun and exciting but don’t forget they are businesses as well with concerns for your safety. This means you can just go ahead and ignore power outlets for example. An escape room wouldn’t try and hide things there as these are potentially dangerous. Drop tile ceilings are also something you can just ignore.

The difference between a real detective is the availability of hints. Some escape rooms actually have a system where the participants are allowed a limited number of hints. If you are in one of these escape rooms, don’t feel the need to hold back asking for hints. It’s there for a reason and at the very least, you can make the most of them.


With or without these tips, win or lose, escape rooms will always be a heap of fun for you and your friends. However, it is so much better if your group gets to leave because being able to leave the room is such a great feeling while not being able to leave in time might be quite the downer. With these insights, you are better equipped to tackle escape rooms head on.

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