Some Important Questions that need to be Addressed before Any Move

Moving, at times becomes very confusing due to its stressed-out situations and complex processes. It is hard to understand the process and the timetaken for the completion of one task. Not being aware of the right procedure to follow adds up to the anxiety and stress level of the mover. Knowing the right moving process that you need to follow will lead to a successful one state to another relocation as they say ‘Well begun is half done’.

You need to understand all the moving-related tasks clearly to have a smooth and stress-free move and for that, you need to ask yourself many questions before deciding your final moving procedure. 

Here we present a list of questions that you must ask yourself before you start your moving process: 

Is the move mandatory for you and is it the right time to move?

There are plenty of reasons that may cause a move but identifying the right reason to move is very important. These reasons may not be your priority in the future so it is advisable to have the right reason for moving. The most basic and common reasons for moving include new career opportunities, job relocation, and/or higher education. So, before you decide to move to another city or state, it is important to know your priorities.

Next question is to know the right moving time. Before deciding your moving day, consider some important questions related to packing and moving. Consider the approximate time that you may need to pack your house and start accordingly. Choose the right time to move as moving on weekends and month ends can be both hectic and costly.

Do you have enough savings to move?

Moving budget is the most important and fundamental thing to consider and know before moving. You cannot have a successful move until you have enough money to move. Many companies bear your moving expenses if case you are moving due to job relocation. Even if your company offers you reimbursement for your moving expenses, make sure you have a clear knowledge of all the expenses that will be borne by your company.

In case you are planning a self-move then make a budget and make sure that you have enough savings to execute the move. Plan a budget and stick to it.

Should you opt for a self-move or hire a professional company?

Once you are sorted with your moving decision and budget then the next thing that holds utmost importance is the type of move. If you are planning for a DIY move then make sure you are capable of executing it all by yourself. Don’t think of a DIY move for a long-distance move especially if you do not have any prior experience of moving. Don’t handle any specialty items yourself. A DIY move is possible only if you have the help of your family or friends and if no-one from them is available then it is wise to hire a professional company for your move.

Now, if you have decided to hire a professional company, make sure you choose the right company. Don’t just hire the very first company that you see online. Consider contacting at least three moving companies and compare their rates and services before deciding on any one of them.

Make sure you call the representative for onsite inspection from each professional moving company. Don’t forget to have request price estimates. Compare the services and prices offered by the companies. Check if they provide proper and additional moving insurance or not. Also, don’t forget to check ratings and online reviews for your chosen company. 

Should you choose additional insurance?

Most professional companies offer Basic Limited Liability Insurance and that is included in their package but if you own some valuable and expensive stuff then it is highly recommended to purchase additional insurance for specialty items.

Should you pack your stuff yourself and when to start packing?

You might be confused about packing your belongings and some people even consider hiring professional packers to pack. If you are not having enough time to pack all your belongings then it is advisable to hire professional packers. Time and safety are two main things to keep in mind while packing your stuff for a move. If your belongings are delicate, expensive, and of emotional importance then they need extra care, it will take experts to pack and handle such stuff.

But if you have prior experience of moving then you might be aware of packing and handling your goods yourself and you can save a hefty amount by opting for DIY packing. 

What all is needed for packing?

Make sure you know all the packing materials that you will need to pack your belongings. Packing material that you may need to buy includes cardboard boxes of different shapes and sizes, packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape, markers, and seizures, etc.

You can also save money by using alternate packing material available at your home. You can use buckets, baskets, and trash cans to save cardboard boxes. Even drawers can be used for packing by covering their top with tape. Cushions, pillows, towels, and bedsheets can also be used for wrapping delicate things in place of bubble wrap. Newspaper and socks can be used as fillers to fill in extra space in any packing box.

Above said are some very important questions that need to be addressed before starting a relocation process. Planning for a relocation is very important and as you address these questions one after another, solving them will lead to a successful and stress-free move.

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