What Changes Do We Expect to See on the Instagram Platforms in 2021

Social media has become a key part of all our lives. If the figures hold, it is estimated that these platforms will remain so for a long time to come. This is why it is usually fascinating and worth paying attention to when the platform makes major tweaks and upgrades to their platforms.

These changes can come in terms of aesthetics (changes on the physical appearance/frontend) and core algorithm change, which affects users and businesses more profoundly.

Below we take a look at some of the changes we expect to see on Instagram in the year 2021 on both the aesthetics and algorithmic sides of things.

The Core Changes


Instagram introduced the Reels feature as a direct response to the popularity of Tik Tok. Of course, this introduction met with quite the mumble as it usually does whenever a significant component is introduced. 

After a while, though, the feature became well-received, and now it’s looking more likely that it’s here to stay, and what’s more, it might even receive a lot more attention in 2021.


The explore feature is, no doubt, one of the most well-received features on Instagram. Not only did it give users a separate avenue to catch up with and discover new content, but it also gave the content creators a new route to reach new users and build more followers.

Sadly, hitting the explore page isn’t easy for new users without a lot of following and engagement, and it most likely will get more challenging in the coming year.

According to new details, Instagram is looking to make the explore page more exclusive in hopes that only the highest quality content can make it on there.

For these reasons, it may be even more imperative to buy Instagram followers (real ones) or boost an account the right way when starting. 


In the coming year, the development regarding Instagram stories is that Instagram stories will now receive as much attention, or even more than feed posts. 

As it is now, Instagram stories are just an extra feature to the more prominent feed posts (although an efficient one at that.)

Going into the next year, however, Instagram stories are likely to become even more popular now.


The Instagram e-commerce platform is not a new thing in itself. What is new is Instagram’s attempt to make this feature a core part of their platform.

This feature’s reaction has been mixed, with some questioning whether Instagram wants to make the platform a Shopify alternative. At the same time, some business owners received the development with warmth and affection.

Either way, it is clear that Instagram shopping remains a significant part of Instagram and will only become even more fortified in the coming year.

Changes in Aesthetics

The change in aesthetics, as mentioned earlier, are never as profound as the core algorithm changes. Still, among the aesthetic changes worth noting are the movement of some buttons, integration of the shop button, a dedicated reels button, among others.