How To Pass SMS Verification Without Mobile Phone

Most popular online services require users to verify their identities in different ways. Often this should be done with a mobile phone number. But even though nowadays almost everyone has a mobile phone, sometimes it just appears to be not available for use due to one or another reason. Many people get lost in this situation as they become unavailable to use the service without moving further verification stage. There is a simple solution to this issue. You can complete SMS verification on any website or app on a laptop or PC by using temporary phone numbers.

Use from anywhere in the world

Temporary numbers are similar to regular mobile numbers except for one thing. Unlike them, they are available and used over the internet through appropriate platforms. It is not necessary to have a mobile phone with inserted SIM card to take advantage of these phone numbers. Their online availability completely excludes this need and makes it possible to operate them when located in any country around the globe.

You can be from Germany, Indonesia, Peru, or anywhere else. It doesn’t really matter somehow. Temporary phone numbers will work everywhere if there is an internet connection. It only takes to open a specialized website or app that provides them with an electronic device which might be a tablet, laptop, personal computer as well as any other device that has the option to connect to the internet.

Low price

Some people worry about being unable to afford temporary numbers. Most often they see on the internet virtual phone numbers which sometimes might be really expensive and cost even $100 per number. This creates a deceptive impression. Temporary phone numbers are different. They are way cheaper. Their cost usually starts at $0.05 and rarely exceeds the $1 mark regardless of platform that provides them.

For example, one temporary number that is issued in India and configured for completing SMS verification on Telegram costs around $0.20. The price of one phone number for the same purpose but issued by a cellular carrier in one or another European country is about $0.50. In most other cases, prices and pricing principles are about the same. So, using such a feature as a temporary phone number is not expensive at all. Everyone can afford this.

Who provides temporary numbers to receive SMS?

There are some people who offer temporary phone numbers. But except for the fact that they usually have a small selection, they are also unreliable and just difficult to find. Most often temporary numbers are used through relevant online platforms that offer services in this industry. There are many of them. However, there are also some unreliable providers so it is better to get services from known platforms.

SMS-Man is not like them. Being present on the market for more than five years, this platform has provided temporary phone numbers to thousands of users around the world. It works for bypassing SMS verification on literally any online service whether it is a social network or dating site. Their solutions are suitable for any case. You can use it in the following way:

  1. Go through the registration process at the official website of the company.
  2. Complete account verification and log in to the platform.
  3. Refill the balance using a suitable payment method from available ones.
  4. Proceed to the stage of setting up parameters for the temporary number. This is done on the homepage. Firstly, select the country of issue. Then scroll the page down and choose the website or app on which you are going to pass verification via SMS.
  5. Purchase a temporary phone number by clicking on “Buy SMS”.

The number will be automatically configured for use in the appropriate way right at the moment of purchase. You don’t have to perform anything with it in this regard. Just copy it and complete SMS verification on the online service it belongs to in the exactly same way as if it was your personal mobile phone number.