Henarch Galleries Art Advisory is proud to announce the extension of their Collaboration with Established investment Grade British Artist Finn Stone for 2021.

During what was undoubtedly one of the most difficult periods we have all experienced in recent generations, Henarch Galleries Art Advisory continued to grow from strength to strength, and are establishing themselves as one of the most exciting contemporary private art galleries in the UK right now.

An integral part of that success has been down to their exclusive collaboration with the esteemed established artist Finn Stone.

Finn Stone (b. 1971) is a London-born creative and contemporary designer, sculpture & Artist, from Irish Parentage. He credits his eclectic background for his hugely talented, creative, flamboyant and eccentric style which is making him a contemporary art investment favourite.

Finn Stone uses a variety of mediums in his creations, but the works that have proven to be the most successful and continuing to gain global coverage, year after year, are his notorious paintings created by paintbrushes, in his collection known as ‘Brushworks’.

Conceptually, Finn recreates popular masterpieces and images of some of history’s most important painters, including Leonardo da Vinci, Andy Warhol, Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh and Banksy to name a few.

Finn is also one of the UK’s leading makers of fibreglass furniture, mostly known for creating the ‘Ball Chair’ in 1999, which is still being sold worldwide to this day. Since this period, it has become a cultural phenomenon, still achieving fantastic volumes of sales around the world, allowing Finn to focus on creating artwork that he is passionate and proud of, rather than having to create pieces to simply earn a living.

This in turn ensures Finn’s work isn’t mass produced, and that only the very best original works are released to the market place by Henarch Galleries Art Advisory.

The appetite for Finn’s works is consistently growing, and this was further enhanced by his works appearance on Channel 4 Documentary ‘Britain’s Most Expensive Home’ in 2020, where British Billionaire, John Caudwell, showcased a ‘Simon Cowell’ portrait that he had commissioned by Finn Stone.

The growing demand for his work, primetime exposure, celebrity following and the fact that each piece takes months to create, is making Finn a leading choice of Artist for Investors and Collectors alike, and the reason that Henarch Galleries Art Advisory are so excited about placing further works of his in their client portfolios.

Finn’s latest collaboration is exclusive to Henarch Galleries Art Advisory, for enquiries, visit their website www.henarchgalleries.com or contact them via phone to arrange a private viewing.

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