The strongest dog breeds in the world

The strongest dog breeds in the world

Heart over height, right? Well, in case of dogs, this isn’t necessarily the case because size does matter much more than determination, it seems. Larger breeds are defined and listed as the strongest dogs. With the annual Weight Pull Competition for dogs and the biting force being the two most popular measures of canine strength, we can make a list of the strongest dog breeds in the world. You’ll likely see some expected and unexpected entries. Here they are, in no particular order – strongest dog breeds in the world.

Saint Bernard

Beethoven is not just a famous movie pup. The breed – Saint Bernard is actually widespread in the Alps, where they act as rescue dogs. Due to their statuesque build, the Saint Bernard breed is capable and strong. After avalanches and snowfalls, they are able to find lost people and drag them to safety. Powerful diggers, Saint Bernard dogs are underestimated strongmen because they aren’t actually flaunting with their capabilities and reserve them for a special occasion.

The American Kennel Club states that Saint Bernards save tens if not hundreds of lives annually. That’s probably the most evident expression of strength.


Dobermans are probably the world’s most revered and renowned guards. Employed as security, they’re known for being strong, quick and feisty when it comes to trespassers and wrongdoers. However, most people overlook their sheer athleticism and gracefulness, which is on full display if you compare them to a bulkier Staffordshire or Pitbull.

This dog of German origin can often be found doing rounds with law enforcement. Doberman pinschers are very persistent, super eager to please and have tremendously strong jaws. With that being said, if they’re not trained properly, Dobermans can become aggressive. But they’re still one of the most popular choices for home protection and security. You can find Doberman protection dogs for sale here.


Around since the Roman times, Rottweilers are one of the most feared dog breeds. They have arguably the strongest bite force in the world, able to bite through stuff and hold on to wrongdoers without letting go. This is why Rotties are commonly employed by law enforcement and as guard dogs. Rottweiler is much more scary-looking than a Doberman due to its bulky and muscly build. This is why their appearance alone is sometimes enough to scare away any trespassers.

Still, too many people ignore that there’s a gentle giant in all Rottweilers. If they’re properly trained, learn to socialise and accept people, they can be very cuddly, affectionate and friendly. While they’ll never reach the cosiness of a Golden Retriever or a Beagle, if an experienced owner trains them, the Rottweiler is just a lovely pup that just happens to be super strong.

Great Dane

One of the biggest dogs in the world, the Great Dane weighs just as much as an adult. Topping at around 180 pounds, this huge pet is very proportionately build and has a lot of muscle that requires exercise and care. They’re very different from the previous two entries on our list because opposite to the Rottweiler and the Doberman pinscher, Great Danes are calm and gentle by nature. It’s true that the biggest ones have the biggest heart. They just love lounging and chilling, but are eager to play and run outside. The strength comes as no surprise when you consider it weighs just as much as a professional football player.

Everything with the Great Dane needs to be big. You’ll need a big bed, a big dog nail grinder, big portions of dog food, etc.

Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies were popularised in 1920s’, when they were used as sleigh-pullers to transport serum and vaccines. Huskies are synonymous with harsh winter conditions up north, in Northern Canada, Siberia and Alaska. Without a doubt, the sheer pulling power of the Husky allows it to be present on this list. As pets, Huskies are not the easiest. They’re very active, super easily distracted and not that simple to train.

Huskies are very similar to Malamutes by being primarily used as sleigh-pulling dogs. Nevertheless, this breed is super lovely and very unique. Also strong.

German Shepherd

No list of strongest dogs would be completed without the German Shepherd. Commissaire Rex and K-9 is probably the most iconic and one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. It’s actually called the most popular purebred canine in the United States of America. It’s not that strange, actually, when you factor in their smarts, loyalty, elegance and courage.

From all angles, the German Shepherd is the closest thing to the most well-rounded, versatile or perfect dog. They’re loyal, affectionate, smart, quite easy to train and very protective. German Shepherds are also one of the most common choices for police and military dogs around the world.


We hope you enjoyed this short list of the strongest dog breeds in the world. Just don’t forget that if you’ll decide to get one of these, they’re likely to require a lot of attention, grooming, activity and care. To know how to care for your dog, you can visit this website and get to know the ins and outs of grooming your pooch.