Can Crypto be banned in the USA?

It’s been more than 10 years since the cryptocurrencies have been around and they’ve sure traveled through some rocky roads during this time. In the beginning nobody took the concept seriously and the majority of the population thought that Bitcoin would be forgotten quite fast. But as the time went by, BTC and other cryptocurrencies were getting only stronger in the process. Today, cryptocurrencies are considered to be the best asset to be owned in the world and countries are coming out with official legislations and regulations to totally incorporate the likes of BTC and Bitcoin Gambling into our everyday lives.

Crypto News in USA

Couple of months ago, there was a huge breakthrough in the progress of total Bitcoin implementation. The U.S Department of Justice has created a comprehensive set of rules and regulations that will help all businesses, both big and small to incorporate cryptocurrencies fully into their everyday operations. 49 States of the country have decided on the single set of guidelines that will entail all businesses under one umbrella. From now on companies such as PayPal and western union will be fully able to meet regulatory requirements for everyday transactions. This concerns not only classic service/product businesses, but also concepts like BTC Gambling and many more. Other than being beneficial, this is a massive step towards popularizing cryptocurrencies all across the world, beyond the point of return.

What does this mean for Bitcoin Gambling?

Full acceptance of Bitcoin is a massive step-up for the BTC Gambling market. If before people who are not accustomed to the concept of cryptocurrencies were looking at the blockchain technology as an unknown, recently the interest towards it has spiked. Enthusiasts of casino are getting accustomed to all the benefits that Bitcoin Gambling brings to the table compared to all the other forms of Casino. What happened in the U.S legislation might prove to be the most important element to truly popularize all thing crypto and Bitcoin Gambling as well. The simple fact is that after these news, the price of BTC has reached well over $40K and it seems like there’s no stopping it reaching well over 100K soon.

BTC Gambling as a form of investment and where to find the best one?

The extreme appreciation of the BTC Price has proved one simple fact yet another time. BTC Gambling is a very viable form of investment. People who deposited BTC 2 month ago into their Casino account and decided to play later, are enjoying more than 200% Increase in their funds. All the players that are skillful enough, can easily turn Bitcoin Gambling into their daily income job. So, where can one find the best BTC Casinos to play at? The good place to start would be the well-known Review websites such as BitcoinGamblers, which provides in-depth analysis and details about all the top BTC Casinos in the world.

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