Five Top Trending Ecommerce Niches for 2021

Five Top Trending Ecommerce Niches for 2021

Ecommerce boomed in 2020 with gains of over twenty percent and the forecast looks even brighter for the coming year. Online shopping offers convenience, time savings, and incredible access for both businesses and consumers. The downside for sellers is that e-tail has become increasingly competitive. The only way to stand out is to find your niche. To help your business emerge as a winner in a crowded marketplace, read on to discover 2021’s trending ecommerce markets. 

1. Recommerce

The best niches solve problems. Resale addresses two issues: the economic crunch and a planet rapidly filling up with unwanted items. Textile waste is a huge issue. Slow fashion ( has been gaining ground for several years now, but 2020 really saw a spike as more people adopted thrifty hobbies. The resale market is estimated at around $20 billion a year and growing. Technology has made it easier than ever to sell online and people are hopping on the trend. Literally anything is being sold secondhand, from gadgets for him to unique engagement rings for her. Instead of gathering more stuff, maybe the trend for a 30th wedding anniversary will become clearing out items you never used and passing them along to someone who wants them — and making a buck in the bargain. When you engage in recommerce, everyone, including the planet, wins.

 2. Men’s Skincare

 Beauty is one of those categories that is considered recession-proof. With the average woman spending in excess of $3K a year, skincare has long been a winner for ecommerce. But one niche you may not have considered is men. Men’s skincare products are one of the fastest growing sectors in the market. One of the top sub-niches is grooming and beard care. Besides beard waxes and oils, men are scooping up moisturizers, lips balms, and shaving supplies. Don’t count out makeup either. With more people than ever appearing on screen, men want to look their best. Because since guys like simplicity, multifunctional products are especially popular. Note that natural and organic items are extremely hot in this eco-conscious age.

3. Organic Pet Care

 The trend for natural products extends into the pet sector. The industry is huge, garnering almost $100 billion in 2020. Pets are so special, they’re no longer pets; they’re ‘fur babies.’ Since nothing is too good for Fido, that means organic food and treats. Pet owners love to shop for their BFFs (best furry friends) and when they can do so from the comfort of their couch, they love it even more. On a practical side, pet owners are very happy to have heavy bags of food delivered to their door. But take especial care when deciding on your packaging materials and shipping methods. Today’s shoppers are extremely conscious about environmental impact, and fully recyclable packaging is an important consideration when they’re comparison shopping online.

4. Home Exercise Equipment

 The fitness industry is a $30 billion business. While home exercise equipment has always been a solid online seller, it experienced a major uptick over the past year. This niche will continue to be a winner in 2021 as many gyms have not reopened. Millennials are the largest generation in the US and they’re obsessed with fitness. If you’re thinking, How much can I really make peddling yoga mats? think again. You can dropship anything, even heavy weights and treadmills. Another sub-niche to zone in on: new moms. More than a million Millennials are becoming mothers each year. That’s a lot of women who care about their health but no longer have the time to get to the gym. As schedules become less flexible, the more people need a product that comes to them.

5. Subscription Boxes

 Subscription services like video streaming have been popular for some time now, but there’s a new kid on the block and its name is the subscription box. Want to sell out your entire inventory every month? It’s possible with subscriptions. The global subscription market has experienced continual growth over the past few years and is projected to increase even more in the coming years. Even though it may not be immediately intuitive, customers love receiving surprise packages on their doorstep. Subscriptions are popular because they save time and brain space. All of the above-mentioned niches are ripe for subscriptions, as well as many others. Offering samples, especially ones that are curated to consumers’ specific wants and needs, are a great way to land yourself loyal customers.

Pick a niche you have passion and knowledge about and you’ll soon be racking up customers like a pro.