How to Start Selling on eBay in 2023

eBay is one of the earliest and most recognisable success stories of the e-commerce industry, having started as far back as the mid-90s as a digital means of auction selling. Its runaway success as a platform for sale and re-sale paved the way for other e-commerce businesses to flourish; without eBay, the internet and online retail would likely look a lot different.

All of this is to say that eBay has been a digital presence for nearly a generation, not only offering consumers the opportunity to find good deals on used products in every niche but also providing a framework for entrepreneurs to build their own trade. Today it maintains both presence and relevance, through shrewd brand deals with media organisations and continued technological development.

If you are here, it is likely because you are interested in building such a trade. Whether re-selling vintage items or drop-shipping items for a larger manufacturer, getting successful on eBay is not as simple as it once was. How might you build a business through eBay sales in 2023?

Your Business Model

First, it is key that you define the fundaments of your ideal eBay business framework. Simply put, what is it you would like to sell – and how would you like to approach selling it? Many distributors and e-commerce retailers use eBay as an alternative means of selling goods, secondary to a pre-existing sales channel (whether their own digital store-front or another e-commerce giant like Amazon).

If you are hoping to pre-establish as a brand, then eBay might be one part of a much larger sales strategy – and can even be linked up through a central sales platform. Of course, you do not need to have such grand plans to sell on eBay. This initial approach would work for private label or wholesale business models, but the vast majority of individual sellers on eBay are casual or semi-casual. There is room for you to build a niche business out of the re-sale of discounted goods, whether bought from second-hand shops or other retailers.

Setting Up an Account

Setting up an account with eBay is just as simple as setting up an account with any digital retailer or even service. There is no distinction between buyer and seller accounts, though you do have options to opt in for certain seller systems and perks – for example, a Shop subscription that gives you favourable listing fees and unique seller tools.

Charting a Path to Success

But how might you put yourself above other vendors on eBay? One of the more direct ways to win over new customers is through your delivery options. By offering next- or even same-day delivery on certain items, you can increase the likelihood of an instant purchase – and win repeat customers in the process. Successful vendors on eBay often offer postage free, as the word ‘free’ carries a lot of weight in the average consumer’s head.

More generally, though, the secret to eBay success is little more than good photography. Clear pictures and descriptions of the items you sell make for great listings, and great listings will always be quicker to find a paying customer.