A solution that helps you avoid package theft everytime

The use of Lockers (or parcel lockers), automatic lockers for the delivery and collection of a package, continues to grow. In an increasingly receiver-oriented commercial policy, the final recipient of the delivery is given the convenience of not being tied to a pre-established day and time to collect their package.

We are well aware of the inconvenience of non-delivery when the courier does not find us at home. Furthermore, social distancing and the exponential increase in home deliveries do not go well together. So let’s see what Lockers are and how they work, and how they help to avoid package theft.

What are lockers, and how do they work?

The locker is the automatic cabinets that serve as points of storage and withdrawal of a parcel. Safe collection points, usually located in areas of convenience or frequent access, such as shopping malls, train stations, or refueling areas. With the help of package lockers it is easy to avoid package theft.

Therefore, there are defined PUDO (Pick-up and drop-off points), physical places dedicated to storing parcels. These can be both existing commercial establishments (a tobacconist, a stationery shop) and spaces created ad hoc. The locker adds two crucial elements to this: the security of an “armored” area, accessible only using a personal code, and the possibility of using it 24 hours a day.

It is, therefore, a third way between home delivery and collection of the product directly from the seller. The convenience is obvious: the operator carries out the delivery by inserting the package in the locker, and the user can go and collect it when he prefers.

Their operation is intuitive. When placing the order, the buyer chooses the delivery method to the nearest locker (collection point). Once the order is delivered to the selected locker, the user will receive a notification with instructions and a code for collection.

Once at the locker, the user has to enter the code provided and collect the package to avoid package theft. Usually, there is a maximum time of a few days to proceed with the withdrawal. Otherwise, the package returns to the sender.

Advantages of lockers for parcel collection: optimal planning and ease of returns

The use of Lockers allows many advantages and for everyone: seller, user, and carrier. But also for vehicular traffic and respect for distances in the period of the pandemic and decrease chances of package theft.

From the point of view of those who sell or organize deliveries, the movement of couriers will be more limited and targeted, allowing for a much more precise planning of delivery times and the human resources at their disposal. This allows a reduction in costs and containment of waste.

On the other hand, for those who buy, there is the undoubted convenience of collecting the package at the preferred time and place, without worrying about coordinating their free time with the courier or with a delivery point manager. Furthermore, the cost of delivery will be less or nil. Then think of the aspect of confidentiality guaranteed, at least in theory, by an automated system.

There are further advantages. Think of the convenience for the end-user of using the locker for returning returns – a service already offered – without having to worry about the return methods and costs. We are already talking about Locker networks, a further evolution that sees delivery points as a real delivery chain.

Each carrier can leave the package in the nearest locker and so on until the final recipient.

The positive impacts on traffic and the environment are exciting and last but not least: fewer journeys by couriers mean a reduction in traffic in cities and a reduction in polluting emissions into the air. Furthermore, during the period of the pandemic, the risks associated with interpersonal contacts are reduced.

The advantages of installing an intelligent parcel locker in apartment buildings

Parcel delivery and collection in a condominium: it’s time to install a smart locker. The online shopping rush is not going to stop. In Italy, e-commerce in the first quarter of 2021 had a growth of 78% compared to the same period of the previous year.

This phenomenon has led to the emergence of new needs and requirements, such as the possibility of receiving parcels and shopping online even when you are away from home in total safety.

Deciding where to have online purchases delivered to your home is increasingly complicated.

When the courier arrives, you are unlikely to be at home, and it is not always feasible to enter your workplace as the destination address. The concierge is now a rare presence and asking a neighbor for courtesy is not taken for granted for various reasons, such as not wanting to cause too much trouble or lack of confidence.

The answer to this need is the smart parcel locker, which is the intelligent locker useful for couriers for the delivery of parcels and for us to collect them.

Why have a smart locker for condominiums

Installing an intelligent locker in your condominium could prove helpful because the inhabitants can collect everything they have ordered. The locker service has now become a discriminating factor in the choice of an apartment by buyers. More and more condominium administrators have decided to install a smart locker at the entrance of the building. Purchases by tenants are thus protected and guaranteed in a parcel collection point in the condominium.

This is why parcel locker has created a line of smart lockers entirely dedicated to condominiums: innovative, easy and safe smart lockers for the custody and collection of parcels in condominiums.

With the parcel Locker, it is possible to create a registry of the condominiums that can use the service. When ordering, the condominium enters the home address and specifies that there will be a smart locker on-site.

The courier deposits the package directly in the locker and selects the recipient via the display when it arrives. Only those with the code can open the locker, ensuring maximum security and privacy.

The advantages of having a self package locker

Thanks to the parcel locker, tenants have access to a new, unique, modern service in line with market changes and the spread of online purchases. The Safe Locker is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Using a smart locker as a parcel collection point in condominiums means offering the possibility always to receive your purchases, collect them when you return home, and in total safety and protection of privacy.

Indeed, product collection is always available: once the courier has deposited the package, the recipient receives an SMS or e-mail with the code for collection.

The most essential advantages in installing a smart locker in an apartment building are, therefore:

  • Operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • No more failed deliveries: couriers leave the package in the smart locker
  • Ability to collect the package at any time
  • Total security and protection of the package, respect for privacy. It prevents package theft.

The interactive screen makes management intuitive and straightforward.

It is possible to customize the number of smart locker boxes based on the condominium size, from those with a few tenants to those with hundreds of apartments. It is also possible to request aesthetic customization of the locker to better integrate with the contexts of each construction.

Conclusion: Do not hesitate to contact the package storage service for more information on the package locker proposed to the condominium administrator and other condominiums.