60 Minute Mini Declutter Transformation

If you only have an hour to declutter, there’s plenty you can achieve that makes a real difference to your home organisation.

Decluttering can feel like a huge task, one that most of us do not have the time to complete very often alongside raising kids, working and maintaining the house day to day. The good news is that you can do a lot of good in a very small amount of time, if you’re super-focused. Don’t have a weekend to declutter? Fine. Have an hour? Great. Let the transformation begin!


If you only have 60 minutes it is a good idea to make a plan. The last thing you want to do is make a big mess and not have time to sort it out. Instead of a whole cupboard, for example, try a drawer or a tub. Whatever is manageable in the time you have.

Have What You Need With You

It is important to have your bin bags, boxes and other items you need for decluttering with you. If you don’t, you could find going back and forth for those items takes up a lot of your time.

Pull Out All The Items

Whether you are decluttering a bookshelf, a clothes drawer or tub, the items should be taken out of whatever they are in. This will make the items easier to organise and see.

Sort The Items

Throw away items that are broken. Place items for self storage, the shed, garage or loft into a box. Anything you want to sell, but can’t right now, should also be sorted in a box ready for its next location. It is important not to leave these items in the same spot because it won’t feel like you have achieved anything. It is also important to clean and pack anything you want to keep well, so they don’t degrade or get broken in transit or storage.

Be Ruthless

Whilst you sort these items out it is important to be ruthless. What is here that you were unsure about last time you decluttered? What never gets used? Push yourself to get rid of items that do not serve you. The extra space you create will be worth it.

Create A Happy Vibe

If decluttering is torturous for you it is important that you make this session a happy one, whatever that means for you. Playing music or a podcast can be a great idea as it doesn’t involve using your hands. The happier your ‘session’ is, the more likely you’ll be to do it again.

Measure The Task

It is important to measure the task so that you can have a sense of completion at the end. Once the drawer is decluttered, you can know that the task is complete. You might only be transforming one drawer but imagine those kinds of small tasks over time – they add up to a decluttered house, and they matter.

Make Sure The Decluttered Items Go Places

It is so important you label the boxes and bags of decluttered items so that they are going to a destination soon. Otherwise they will stagnate elsewhere and need decluttering, wasting this precious time you’ve spent sorting them. Get them to the cheap self storage unit, the charity shop or the tip, so they’re officially ‘decluttered’, allowing you to move onto other projects next time.

However small the decluttering task you complete, you’ve transformed a tiny part of your home, and that is great! Small achievements add up, and soon enough with more 60 minutes sessions under your belt, you’ll have a home that’s zen, tidy and organised.

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