HOW TO INCREASE CASHFLOW FOR FREE 30-day Cashflow Challenge – Interview with Marc Swift.

Just imagine for a second what life would be like for you if you can add value and grow your business without increasing debt.

UK & US- March 8, 2021—Swift Corporate Investment, a firm that invests, scales and acquires SME’s, has launched a FREE 30-Day Cashflow Challenge to assist entrepreneurs that may have been affected by the Pandemic or recession. The Cashflow Challenge was created by Swift Corporate Investment founder, business investor and entrepreneur, Marc Swift.

Marc has a diverse background. He has held professional positions and entrepreneurially bought and sold businesses and properties in the United Kingdom. He created new online and physical businesses, patented five inventions and helped several struggling companies succeed as a Business Consultant.

“Most of my core strategies for creating success and wealth for business and the owners were learned from some of the biggest names in the business world,” said Marc, who was singularly responsible for increasing IBM leisure facilities net profit by 300% at the age of 23.

Now semi-retired at the age of 40, Marc continues to follow his passions and drives S.C.I to focus on helping clients improve their business and personal finances, whilst looking for acquisition opportunities in the UK and the US.

He added, “I’ve had the privilege of modeling and distilling the strategies of business leaders. I’ve used these distinctions and strategies to help optimize and grow SMEs to new and more profitable levels,” Marc said, “I’ve been honored to help entrepreneurs from all walks of life transform their businesses through the principles of Swift Corporate Investment.” 

Marc has a special passion for supporting fellow entrepreneurs and helping those that have been adversely affected by the Pandemic or the recession. He believes that giving back to the community is extremely important and that is why he launched the 30-Day Cash Flow Challenge. He is offering the knowledge of the company and services to the community free of charge. The 30-Day Cash Flow Challenge will give business owners added value and a stronger cashflow for the business without increasing their debts.

According to Marc, “Being an entrepreneur is a long, hard process and it takes courage to push through all the situations that fly towards you. Our give-back challenge is to help our fellow entrepreneurs to succeed. If everyone helped each other, working together in these times and always, life would be easier for everyone.” 

Marc Said, “Our new challenge has created lots of interest on both sides of the pond. Some people want to enrol in our challenge but they fear exposure of their struggle to the employees and clients.  I just want to reach out and say: Don’t let this free opportunity pass you by. You can join the Challenge anonymously. We don’t need to put your company name out there, we just want to help you. As long as we have created value for you and you have donated a little to charity, that’s all that matters, nobody else needs to know.” 

“My passion has been helping people to scale their businesses and take their legacy and lives to another level, regardless of being a business that needs help or extremely successful. Helping our clients in the areas that matter the most: their business, personal finance, and business relationships,” 

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