THERE WILL BE MAGIC THIS SPRING. And Elle Lene artisan candle company invites customers to mark the return of better times and warmer climes with beautiful centrepieces from their unique collection.

The rekindling of light and warmth in the world is reflected in the beautiful elegance of the enchanting candles from Elle Lene. Bliss. Seduction. Pleasure. Serenity. All moods that are invoked by emotive and decorative candles that are both charming and charmed. That’s because some centrepieces are embellished with a delicately delightful potion from Elle Lene, the fairy after whom this London-based creative company is named.

As founder Laura is keen to point out, ‘If the last year has taught us anything, it’s to savour every moment and to take nothing for granted. A candle does much to remind us of the simplicity of life, bringing a unique ambience and providing a memorable accompaniment to any occasion.”

Moving out of lockdown and into the warmer seasons, Elle Lene candles are ideal for enjoying quiet evenings on your balcony, or garden gatherings with friends and family, their stunning designs sure to be the talking point of any table display.

As Laura adds, ‘There’s simply no way of telling what the future holds, and no better way of making the most of the spirit of hope, growth, and renewal that springtime signifies than sitting outside and enjoying the warm evening air, accompanied by the gentle flickering and fragrance of an Elle Lene candle.’

The light delights of the Elle Lene collection can be experienced in glorious detail and purchased and delivered with the minimum of fuss from the company’s

ELLE LENE is a new artisan candle company based in London.
For more information, please contact; Tel.2034887687

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