SpringBoard Recovery Appoints A New President

SpringBoard Recovery, a well-known alcohol and drug rehab facility in Scottsdale, Arizona, is happy to announce it has a new president, Steve Laats.

Mr. Laats not only brings leadership and operational experience from his previous role as Senior Director of Business Operations at SpringBoard Recovery but also epitomizes our company’s essence of accomplishments so far.

A spokesperson for SpringBoard Recovery stated, “Both Steve’s professional and personal values exactly mirror our core values here at SpringBoard Recovery – a truly compassionate voice for those who desperately need to hear one, a constant desire for excellence, and to act as a pathway for those struggling with substance use disorders.”

“We achieve this pathway by firstly providing the respite these individuals need from the spiral of their abuse and addiction, and any mental health disorders they may be suffering from, and secondly by guiding them, through therapy, counseling, and an ever-present human face, towards a different life – one of promise and hope – with a sustainable, long-term recovery at its very foundation.”

“Steve Laats meets these criteria and more as we look forward to building and growing even further from the work of our founders.”

About SpringBoard Recovery

SpringBoard Recovery first opened its doors in 2014 with a simple mission – to help people transform their lives while recovering from addiction and underlying mental health conditions. Since then, SpringBoard has been through many changes, and, as a growing company, are proud to publicly state that “We’ve learned from and grown with every individual who has given us the opportunity to help in their recovery. We’ve worked hard to develop an atmosphere of honesty and trust, wiping away all preconceptions, shame, judgment, and guilt.”

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