What are the uses and benefits you get from CBD cannabis?

As the scientists studied, the benefit of therapy with cannabinoids has been shown for some medical indications by controlled studies in which mostly standardized and/or synthetic cannabinoid preparations were used.

Therefore, the use of these CBD preparations can be useful in patients who do not have sufficient relief from symptoms such as, pain, nausea, or poor appetite under conventional treatment.

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CBD oil is currently the most popular form of CBD-containing products and is offered in different concentrations. The hemp plant extract is dissolved in a carrier oil (mostly high-quality CBD oil) and can be given directly under the tongue using a dropper pipette.

CBD capsules are an excellent alternative for all users who find the taste of CBD oil too bitter. The active ingredient is enclosed in dissolved form in the carrier medium and is also available in different dosages.

CBD for animals is said to have the same beneficial effects for the body and mind as it does for humans. The extract is administered in the form of CBD drops or special treats and pellets and, according to experience reports, can alleviate pain and fears in animals and support the treatment of skin diseases.

CBD cosmetics and ointments represent an exciting addition to the range of many manufacturers. Since our skin has so- called cannabinoid receptors, the CBD can also be absorbed by creams and co. For this reason, the products are particularly recommended for people with skin diseases such as acne.

CBD foods are now also being offered by more and more manufacturers in Germany. CBD chewing gum and beverages containing CBD are particularly popular and can supply the body with the coveted active ingredient throughout the day.

CBD crystals are mainly used by experienced users, as they contain a high concentration of CBD and enable a wide range of uses. The crystals can be vaporized and inhaled or, like CBD oil, taken sublingually.

CBD flowers are considered exceptionally pure and can be used against many ailments.

The onset of the effect and duration of action of cannabidiol

When the potential effect of CBD sets in depends not only on personal factors but also on the respective CBD product. A distinction is made between how the CBD is absorbed. For example, a different onset of action can be expected from a CBD oil than CBD gums.

Oral, sublingual ingestion under the tongue, as with CBD drops (oil), should work after just 15 minutes.

Foods with CBD take longer to develop their expected effect, as they can only fully develop and release their active ingredients during the digestion process.

CBD action on the endocannabinoid system

In 1987, researchers found that cannabinoids can affect human receptors. According to this, the body has several receptors that can interact with cannabinoids. According to some scientists, it should be possible to influence various body functions, such as:

the pain perception
the mood
the emergence of fear
the regulation of appetite
the control of sleep behaviour

CBD effect

The receptors CB1 are mainly present in the brain and CNS, CB2 in the immune system and PNS. After the key has bound itself to the receptor, it is supposed to affect the body’s associated places.

CBD receptors

A receptor works on the principle of a door lock that can only be opened with the key that fits precisely. The key here is the messenger substance CBD, which couples to the receptors belonging to it in the cell.

CBD action on the body

Various processes and functional tasks are regulated throughout the body with the help of receptors CB1 and CB2. Studies show that cannabinoids like cannabidiol can both amplify and block.

CBD on humans

Every human, all mammals and most vertebrates have an endocannabinoid system. It is an intricate component of our entire body and is active practically everywhere.

By the way: The human body itself can also produce these substances that influence the endocannabinoid system. This complex system is probably responsible for ensuring that the CBD oil ingredients can develop their effect in the body. However, further studies on this topic are still pending.

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