Information on the Best Soccer Camps in England

There are hundreds of options for children and young people to train in the sport they love so much during the summer school break.

In England, the biggest clubs have their campuses, as do local players and former idols. Those who also organize football camps are the English schools in agreement with the institutions or people linked to the sport, so that they have a global education during the stay.

The Most Important Football Camps in England are those Organized by:

  • Manchester United club holds one of the most popular camps in England for children from 9 to 17 years old.
  • Also in Manchester, the Manchester City camp in collaboration with the renowned Manchester English Academy.
  • Liverpool F.C. offers a very economical program with English classes.
  • the Arsenal F.C. with a duration of 5 days to several weeks for boys and girls from 5 to 15 years old, with four hours of soccer per day.
  • Tottenham camp with TWIN English school one of the largest schools in England.
  • Bobby Charlton’s football school, with offices throughout the United Kingdom, aspired as well as in Spain, the United States, Canada, Germany, France and Switzerland.
  • The Newcastle camp in the North East of England in collaboration with the ABSL English School.
  • The soccer camp, in the town of Leicester, with soccer and English classes.
  • The campus of the Italian club Juventus in the city of Horsham, for children from 10 to 17 years old for two weeks.
  • The camp of the english team Real Madrid at Chichester University.

All these programs are endorsed and elaborated by expert trainers, physical education teachers, native English language teachers from the best British schools, nutritionists, who prepare the healthiest menus, psychologists and psych pedagogues, to set up activities based on age and age. the needs of each student according to their age and doctors to ensure the well-being of the participants.

Most of these camps are held on the campuses of the most prestigious universities in England, in a safe environment, with all the facilities at your mercy, guides and monitors specialized in the care and attention of students and comfortable rooms, with full bathroom.

Much Cheaper Alternatives to a Football Campus in England

Would you like your children to participate in a summer camp that combines sport and English? The most feasible would be to opt for a foreign program. This option has the price as the main determining factor. Have you considered alternatives to a football campus in England?

England at Home organizes every year in July a very special stay for children. The binomial formed by sports practice and language learning is the axis of the program. Below you will be able to know what are the qualities of the alternative improvement of Spain under this premise.

Alternatives to a Soccer Campus in England

Choosing this summer campus will allow your children to enjoy an unforgettable experience. Even more so when the best trainers in each area are available. In the case of sport, the agreement with Sunderland AFC allows for a first-rate technical staff.

In each edition, part of the body of the mythical english football camps travels to the facilities of La Nucía (Alicante) to contribute to the ambitious project. To improve English skills, the training center gives part of its native teaching team to make it available to the campus.

Despite the fact that the objective of the stay is for the children to have an incredible time, we believe in the effort and the reward for it. What does it consist of? After the duration of the weekly or biweekly period, several Premier League scholarships will be awarded. Were you looking for alternatives to a football campus in England? This is the best option!

Thanks to them, several participants will be able to enjoy a stay in the lower categories of the English club. A contract with a team from the country that invented soccer! To choose the winners, behavior, skills with the ball, level of English and proactive use of the ball will be assessed.

Would you like your child to participate? It is recommended to formalize a reservation to guarantee a place due to its limited offer. If you want more information, you can call 960 965 627, or fill out this form. They are looking forward to meeting you!

The stay is divided into four main aspects. The first is the practice of soccer, thanks to classes by expert teachers. The second is English classes, taught daily for students to learn phonics and grammar. The third aspect is the extra activities for the afternoons and nights at the camp, which includes dances, games, songs, etc. The fourth and last are the guided tours, so that they learn everything about the history and culture of the place where they are.