Yangtze River Cruise Fever

After a stream of good news at the end of a very challenging 2020 we are more than happy to give you more exhilarating news at the beginning of 2021.

We officially started sailing on the Yangtze River as planned on the 12th March 2021. All our seven ships set off at full steam with capacity of 75% as recommended by the government. There are a lot of chartering themed cruises for May, June and the next half of the year. There is a surge in booking from expats looking for a holiday outside the big cities of China.

We are more than happy to announce a surge in forward bookings and inquires for 2022 compared to 2019.

We at Century Cruises have enhanced our safety measures including a face covering mandate in all venues. i.e., entertainment, elevator, motorcoaches; Sanitation — every space undergoes continuous anti-microbial disinfection; Capacity control and social distancing; Improvement in equipment and enriched medical resources; Fresh-air ventilation systems etc. In addition, all the crew members and officers of Century Cruises have been vaccinated.

As you can see, we are ready to roar in 2021!

During 2021, Century Emerald will sail the round trip from Chongqing to Chongqing, a route which is increasingly popular with our clients. The Yangtze Adventure cruise lasts four days/three nights or five days/four nights. Additionally, Century Emerald will cover the route from the sprawling capital of Central China’s Hubei province, Wuhan, to China’s secret metropolis, Chongqing. The fully inclusive cruise is eight days or seven nights.

Our Platinum ship, designed by the award-winning Norwegian architects Yran and Storbraaton, Century Legend, will sail four long cruises from cosmopolitan Shanghai to the fastest tourism growing city in China, Chongqing. Due to popular demand, this long cruise is back and this time is longer. Instead of the original 11 days we are cruising 15 days through more than 7 Provinces, 8 ancient cities, tasting four different cuisines, exploring eight different scenic sites and discovering authentic shore excursions.

There are four scheduled departures in 2021 and the most of the superior suites of these cruises have been sold out including the eight presidential suites.

Other ships will continue with well-established and high demand short routes between the home city to the Three Gorges Dam, Yichang, and our home, Chongqing. This route, named Yangtze Signature Cruises, can be taken either downstream (four days/ three nights) or upstream (five days/ four nights). Although the duration is different the sightseeing is almost the same.

The plan to launch Century Victory in September 2021 is moved to March 2022 due to the construction of the Sun Deck and cabin balconies by European suppliers as well as the delay of logistical processes on some of the imported materials. The rest of the planned launches of Century Oasis in September 2022, Century Voyager in March 2023, and Century Dream in March 2024, are going according to plan.

Apart from full sail ahead we also improved our sightseeing, making a stay on board our ships more memorable. We brought you closer to the majestic nature spread on the longest river in Asia, by visiting the magnificent Mt Wuling Great Rift Valley and the stunning Yunyang Longgang National Geological Park. Not forgetting history buffs, we arranged a visit to the Chinese military secret history, only to be discovered recently, on a visit to the 816 Underground Nuclear Military Bunker in the heart of Mt Fuilin.

For art lovers a new open-air production is added to our long list of exhilarating memories while cruising on the Yangtze River. We transfer you back a thousand years to the ancient Three Kingdoms Period where the spirit of the great military hero Guan Yu comes to life!

“The Feng Yan San Guo” or “The War Fire of Three Kingdoms Show’ is a magnificent, breath-taking open-air show, using the Yangtze as its stage, telling the stories of a bygone world with 21st century technology – 3D holographic lasers, sound effects, lights, high-definition projections that were so successfully showcased at the London Olympics – in a spectacular sound-and-light extravaganza.

Spring has always been associated with a new beginning and it seems these are great signs with booming bookings for Yangtze River cruises. Hopefully this bright trend will extend to the worldwide cruise industry.

Cheers to a New, Better and Hopeful 2021.

For more information, please email mailto: sales@centuryrivercruises.com or visit our website www.centuryrivercruises.com