4 Reasons Why You Should Install an Intercom System in Your Home

Have you ever heard a knock at your door and a sense of anxiety washes over you because you weren’t expecting any guests? From a distance or through a window you can’t quite make out who it is, and you don’t want to take the risk of opening the door just in case it’s someone with bad intentions.

Well, installing a wireless intercom system could be exactly what you need to do. An intercom system can make sure that you know exactly who is at your door. In today’s world, we always have to be on the lookout and technology can make it much easier.

Below we’ll go through a few reasons why having an intercom system installed is beneficial for you and your home.

What is an Intercom System?

You may be interested in an intercom system but you’re not entirely sure what it is. To break it down for you, an intercom system is an intercommunication system that can give you access to audio and video while allowing you to communicate with the person on the other end of the device.

It’s unfortunate that we as a society have to be constantly aware of those that we allow in our personal space, but it is important that you do everything you can to protect yourself and those you love.

An intercom system is placed at your gate or near your front door, giving you the opportunity to screen visitors and even talk to them through a microphone. This makes sure that you stay in control of your security, knowing who is at your door or gate without having to even open your front door to check.

Why Invest in a System for Your Home?

Security is Key

As stated above, having an intercom system installed can allow you to see who is exactly at your door when someone comes knocking. With this system, you can capture images and address visitors from the comfort of your home.

An intercom also gives you the opportunity to talk to people in other rooms within your home when needed. This can be a way for you to quickly check with a family member whether they know the visitor you’re talking to. More information means more security!

Having a modern, wireless and smart system can really give you peace of mind, even if you’re not at home. You can unlock your gate remotely in case you have a delivery or visitor you need to let in while you’re out. This sort of system can give you the best of both worlds when it comes to your freedom and safety.

Easy To Use

It may sound like an extremely advanced piece of equipment that is hard to use but it is so simple! Because it incorporates a video intercom system, there is a camera for you to see everyone that passes by. There is usually:

  • One button for the other person to use for audio. They can’t see you, so you’re in complete control
  • A screen on your side so you can see them.
  • You have a few other buttons so you can activate the screen, the audio or locking mechanisms.

It Doesn’t Affect the Look of Your House

You may think that having a wireless intercom installed can look bulky and completely change the aesthetic of your house. However, this is not the case because there are sleek looking components that will keep you safe while leaving your house looking as good as it was before the installation. It may even look better because modern features can add some flair to an old design.

There is a radio frequency moving between components, so there’s no need for wires. This will ensure that the intercom works seamlessly and looks presentable while still giving you the security you are looking for.

It’s Not Just for Homes

If you’re thinking of getting an intercom installed at your home, why not have one installed at your office too? Safety is needed all over and you should never forget to keep your business safe. It’s not only about protecting merchandise, but people too.

If you’re running a business, having an intercom system installed can protect your business from criminal activities. You’ll be able to keep the footage and photos of what happens on the premises, so you can use it after a break in or another incident.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to personal safety, you’ll agree that it is extremely important. Unfortunately, in today’s society you may feel a little scared even in your own home, because crime increases in various neighbourhoods. Luckily, getting cameras and intercoms installed can give you the peace of mind you’re looking for.

With the added security of an intercom system, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that you’ve taken precautions against unwanted guests. Starting with an intercom can be the first step in house safety before looking into other options.