Tim Simmons Joins CEO Robert Bull as Part of RoyaleLife’s Management Team

RoyaleLife already has a positive reputation as a welcoming place for individuals in later life. In fact, it is now considered the UK’s largest bungalow provider for the over 45s.

This year, CEO Robert Bull has set even higher goals for the organisation, even though it is already well-known for luxury gated communities throughout the region, with developments located in areas from the coast to the countryside.  

Part of this effort includes strengthening the RoyaleLife management team by bringing in another housing expert, Tim Simmons, who will work as Business Development Director.

Tim Simmons has been active in the UK’s real estate sector for more than 30 years, starting as a negotiator in the Weymouth area. He later worked as the CEO of Humberts. Company officials say he has a reputation for leadership, being able to deliver positive sales and brand growth while having a strong sense of the value of customer service and customer relations.

Robert Bull said Tim Simmons is the right person to help RoyaleLife continue to move forward.

He said: “Attracting someone of Tim’s calibre, talent and experience is a real coup for us and demonstrates our commitment to continually strengthen our senior management team.

“Tim’s focus will be ensuring our customer experience is unrivalled in the industry, from the initial enquiry through the sale process, all the way to purchase.”

Bull has long believed RoyaleLife’s customers are its greatest ambassadors, and their delight is central to the company’s success.

The company has been around since 1945 but in recent years has been especially appealing as people look for ways to downsize their home as they get older but still want a quality place to call their own.

The concept is simple but effective.

Not only do residents get their own private furnished one- or two-bedroom bungalow in a secure community, but they can take advantage of all sorts of welcoming amenities, such as coffee lounges, private parking, swimming pools and member-only gyms.

While some bungalow communities are aimed at buyers aged 60 and up, RoyaleLife aims for a younger clientele in good health who is nearing retirement but still wants to be active, social and connect with others as much as possible.

Why it works

Robert Bull makes the idea of moving to a RoyaleLife community quite appealing. You no longer have to worry about gardening, major home maintenance or any of the stresses of living in or taking care of a larger home, especially if you don’t have a large family.

Downsizing to a bungalow in a RoyaleLife community from a larger home has other positives as well. You are surrounded by like-minded people, so it is the perfect place to make new friends and spend time with your neighbours.

Plus, many of the bungalows are in scenic parts of the country, providing even more appeal to residents.

Tim Simmons, as Business Development Director, has also been looking for ways to fine-tune this process to make it even more inviting.

For instance, new residents can leave their homes and move into a RoyaleLife bungalow in just under six weeks, or about 39 days. This is a dramatic improvement from how long it can typically take to move from one home to another — which can sometimes take as long as six months.

Taking advantage of this option could be useful for people who are interested in moving fairly quickly, such as those who may have lost their jobs or been encouraged to retire but may not have a lot of savings accrued.

There are other incentives as well. If you’re seriously interested in relocating to a RoyaleLife bungalow, the company will begin the process and offer to pay you the current market value for your existing home. Plus, they will pay for any estate agents’ and solicitors’ fees. Any additional funds will be exchanged for cash.

The “Home Part Exchange” programme can help create a financial cushion, even a lifeline, for a bungalow buyer and make life even more wonderful. Buyers will have a smaller, affordable home with fewer costs attached, but still with an emphasis on quality.

“We really do take the pain out of moving,” Simmons said. “People don’t have to worry about lengthy chains and the whole process collapsing. In downsizing, they can release cash from the sale and have money available to enjoy their new lifestyle.”  

RoyaleLife has also made some changes during the pandemic to ensure people can still see the homes on offer, learn more about the process but still stay safe.

“People can enjoy a virtual tour of one of our bungalows from the comfort and safety of their existing home,” said Simmons, “and our customers find this particularly appealing – they can essentially buy their new home online.”

Many residents have described moving into a RoyaleLife bungalow as a smart move for them socially as well as financially. Robert Bull also is quick to say that he appreciates input from others and has structured his management team to allow and encourage staff at every level to make suggestions and share ideas.  

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