Workplace safety concerns are on the rise for stakeholders within the utilities sector in the US


This is a recent report published by alva on how the utilities sector has performed this quarter in terms of its corporate reputation.

The report, titled Reputation of Utilities, has taken a look at 15 utilities companies across the US, diving into millions of data sources including media, regulator, investor, government, public and NGO sources to show some interesting findings that I think you may find of interest.  The report can be found here: Reputation of Utilities report_alva

Jasper Snyder, Chief Client Officer at alva, comments:

“We have seen from our recent analysis that workplace safety concerns are on the rise for stakeholders within the utilities sector, with companies such as Consolidated Edison and PG&E falling to the bottom of the index. The companies ranked at the top of our index are implementing the use of technology to address this concern through the use of AI and robotics to help improve workplace conditions. We have also seen further growth in consumer sensitivity to environmental issues, mirrored by utilities increasing their green commitments and investments in renewable energy.”

Key findings of the report include:

Southern Company is ranked at the top of alva’s reputation rating scorecard for its outstanding efforts in environmental transparency and highly regarded research and development initiatives in comparison to peers to achieve net-zero goals.

National Grid’s solar energy expansion has strengthened its reputation and improved it overall ESG ranking to second place in alva’s report compared to the previous quarter.

Senior leaders and customers within the utilities sector’s key concern and priority is ‘workplace safety’ with many partnering with technology companies to use artificial intelligence and robotics to improve workplace conditions and focus on employee welfare

About alva:

alva, a stakeholder intelligence company, provides data-informed intelligence to FTSE 100 companies to help companies be better informed about their reputation. alva calculates through in-depth analysis a reputation rating on firms based on media coverage, regulator, investor, government and NGO data. Through alva’s strong research and analytical capabilities this enables a reputation benchmarking score to be produced for firms within the sector. Clients include: PwC, AstraZeneca and BAE Systems.

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