9 Collectible Items That Are Likely to Cost a Fortune in the Future

One of the best ways to make your money work for you is to invest it. If you manage to allocate your funds for successful long-term investing, the chances are that you will reap substantial benefits in the years to come. But before you invest your savings into the stock market, you should make a pause, take a deep breath, and look around. What do you see?

Most probably, you will see ordinary things that don’t seem very valuable in terms of monetary gain, but let’s look at the situation from another perspective. Though some items may look insignificant to you now, they might well cost a fortune sometime in the future. This is especially true for a whole range of different collectibles. What, then, should you do?

First and foremost, you need to know what collectible items are likely to become a treasure in the coming years or decades. Second, you shouldn’t make a dreadful mistake by getting rid of them. And lastly, you have to come up with a plan of how you are going to preserve them for tomorrow.

Here are some ideas of what items you should consider collecting for future investment.

9 collectible items that are likely to cost a fortune in the future

  1. Sports memorabilia

Sports memorabilia have always been the focus of collectors. With years, many sports stars retire while new geniuses emerge. Collecting sports equipment will be even more enjoyable if you cheer for your favorite team or a sportsperson. The choice is vast and varied: sports cards, autographs, trophies, and clothing, to name a few.

  1. First edition books / Comic books

Books are usually being reprinted from time to time. The real value lies in the first editions that publishers release in a limited number of copies. The comic books industry works in a different way. However, it shouldn’t stop you from acquiring some exceptional back issue comics and hunting for some rare issues.

  1. Fine art

The contemporary art market is on the up. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the value of art grows every single day. You should pay close attention to the current art trends and NFT artworks in particular. Digital art might be a decent option to start a personal art collection today. And don’t forget about street art that, largely thanks to Banksy, develops with leaps and bounds.

  1. First-generation electronics

Do not throw your out-of-date gadgets away because they are gaining popularity right now. For example, retro game consoles, such as Nintendo DS and Sega Genesis Mini, are expected to rise in price. At the same time, iPod is also becoming one of the most sought-after items for today’s collectors. Who knows, maybe even your smartphone will become a rarity someday.

  1. Toys

No doubt, you have heard about Funko Pop figures. Even though many toys are mass-produced, there are limited editions available at special events or fairs dedicated to toys. The same goes for Lego, plastic construction toys that have become a hugely popular product and a real joy for many children worldwide.

  1. Antique furniture

Antique furniture is but a foolproof way to make easy money in the future. Fine furniture will always remain one of the most desired types of collectibles for antique lovers. However, there is one crucial factor making articles of furniture a less appealing choice. Keep in mind that the older the items are, the harder it is to preserve them. Plus, you will likely need professional help when shipping antique furniture from one location to another.

  1. Board games

You must have heard about Jumanji, a legendary board game of all time. There are also Fortune, Keywood, Monopoly, Haunted House, etc. The fact is that you have to find the first editions of the games rather than their modern versions.

  1. Designer goods

Not all clothing is collectible because the fashion canons are changing so fast that the new trends live no more than one year. You need to focus on some exclusive and generally expensive designer stuff that one cannot obtain easily. Many people are now collecting sneakers in the hope that their value will double in the future. Why not start with shoes then?

  1. Religious artifacts / Antique icons

Though this niche won’t suit those uninterested in religion, there is still a whole list of things it can offer collectors. To cut a long story short, everything revolves around antique Greek and Russian Orthodox icons that are considered invaluable by many collectors and some of the best auction houses in the world. Take note that you will probably need the help of icon specialists if you decide to start such an original collection.

It is never late to start collecting items. Now, when you know what collectibles have the highest chances to rise in price, you can embark on a collector path without any hesitation. Good luck!

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